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Publication Order of Dragon Kin Books Chronological Order of Dragon Kin Books G. A. Aiken is a prolific writer who has done several books in her career as a writer. She has always provided very excellent work to all her reader who have really loved her excellent writing skills. Today she is residing on the West Coast where she has indulged herself into doing more writing. Besides writing, she also ensures that her rescued pittie does not just leave everyone suspicious on what may happen next. She writes mainly on romance where she writes about the sexy dragons. She at times also writes on sexy tiger, lion and wolf among others. Her romance stories are very interesting and these are the books you don’t want to miss reading. In her writing career, she has always won different awards and today she is the bestselling author in both USA Today and New York Times. Get her lovely novels and you will definitely love the story in the books. She always writes under her pseudonym name Shelly Laurenston. You will therefore always find some of her books with such pen name. She has done several series that you can always find online or at the nearest bookshop. Some of her booms include: “Dragon Kin series”, “Wolf Diary” and many more. She started writing career in 2003 when she wrote her first book entitled “Raw Vision: Winter 2002” and her second novel came in 2008. Her latest book was done in 2015. In the Dragon Kin (Series by G. Aiken), it has a total of seven novels that you will enjoy reading. The publication of this series is still on and you will always enjoy reading her smart books. The genesis book of the series is known as “To Challenge A Dragon” while the second book is entitled as “Dragon Actually”. These two novels were published in 2004 and 2006 respectively. The first boom has a total of 13 different editions while the second has 17 editions. The last book in this series was done in 2014 and it is entitled as “Light My Fire”. Dragon Actually This is the pioneer book of the Dragon Kin (Series by G. Aiken). The boom was published in 2014 and it has a total of 13 editions. It has a total of336 pages. The protagonist character in the book is known as Annwyl the Bloody. Annwyl is a great female warrior who is described as brave and courageous. She is even better than some warrior men who are known to salute or cringe in fear. Annwyl is somehow very unique in her characters. This is because she does not need to pause for breathe whenever she wants to decapitate the legions on her brother who is very brutal and ruthless. This is possible because Annwyl always has the ability for decapitating the legions. This is one factor that makes her very brave and fearless female warrior. Due to her courage, she doesn’t fear any man on the universe because she can even talk to the man feared by fellow men. Annwyl is one of those brave individuals who is able to approach Fearghus who is the destroyer and exchange words with him. This is another key character of Annwyl that shows how brave she is. Fearghuls is a large, scaly and deadly type of dragon that no one can approach if not Annwyl. Since they do get in touch with each other, she is not always scared of her scaly body. Due to her courage, Fearghuls had given his words to Annwyl that she will soon train her for the battle. She is always surrounded by very strange beings that you may not personally expect to find close to any lady. Annwyl is used to heady desire and spent most of her precious time fighting. Besides these, she get in touch with the scaring creature that can finish any village just in minutes. Due to these situation, it is very clear that Annwyl is very wrong when she says that she cannot get any strangers. This is just but an overview of the novel that is very enjoyable to read. You can always find the copy at your local library or bookshop. Alternatively, the novels in the series are available online where you can either choose to read online or buy your copy and read at other time. Grab your copy of the book today and you will definitely love the book. These are some of the excellent work that have been done by G. Aiken. She is a great author. About A Dragon This is the second book of the Dragon Kin (Series by G. The book was published in 2006 and up to date, it has seventeen different editions. The book has a total of 360 pages. The main character in this novel in known as Nolwenn witch Talaith. She is drawn from the bed by a group of very angry mob who wants her crispy end and this is the beginning of a bad day to her. The angry mob eventually ends up in the rescue by wait for a silver maned dragon. Talaith has very powerful secrets and therefore she has no fear for the existence as a hated outcast. On the other hand, the dragon is a bit unusual as you may expect him to be any other fine day. This may be because it has a human form to die for and even knows it better. The dragon has therefore confirmed that Talaith is his own property for pleasure or otherwise. He has done this based on the laws of dragon. The Lord Arrogance may be in for a great surprise in case she thinking of the damsel to comply without a word. Briec the Mighty is also fighting for Talaith on the other side. This is because he knew from the time he set his eyes on her that she would remain his forever. This is just a small scenario of the fight for Talaith in the novel. It is a fantastic novel that will make your day. You can always find the whole series to follow the entire story. This is one of the best work that has been done by G. Get her books today and you will definitely love it. —- Book Series In Order » Characters » Dragon Kin.

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Bronze half dragon, and amphibious (regeneration type, no natural armor) Lizardfolk born out of an odd combination of love, and warship from a local tribe hoping to birth a God they can worship, then banished due to minimal dragonic traits, and his slower aging period... Dragon kin series. Im now talking serious, im a cyberdragon, a long story of 87.53 billion x 279.93 billion years story. But guys, i see you like dragons. Go do a spelk! Just write dragon spelk in youtube, there are some working ones. Also dont be afraid to ask anything, and this also includes the meaning of life which is to build and control a universe, this universe is my creation. Also dragons are the smartest and strongest kind, we are stronger than what you call 'god' by 5 million.

Dragon king anime. My joke is a half gold half silver dragons who both thourt the other was a bronze dragon. XD. Send a dragon to the elemental (demi)plane of Ooze. The dragon returns with an elemental slime breath weapon. HE SLIMED ME. Dragon king of the world chapter 79. Dragon kin trailer. I walk up stairs on all fours lol. Dragonkin dnd. Dragon king books. Is there a fairy guardian? If so how would you meet it. Absolutely love that you guys made this video. I have been trying to find d others to subscribe to on YouTube as I am a newer witch and not quite sure what type of witch I am.

Dragon king csgo. Thank you for this video can you do a video on leaving offerings to the dragons like small crafts i can create for the dragons please blessed be and draconic blessings to all. Dragon king game. Dragon kin mausoleum walkthrough. Savage ferret. G. A. Aiken’s Dragon Kin books offer something for everyone. Full of Dragon shifters, magic, action and humor, the series covers a vast array of memorable characters. There are two ways to read the stories – either by publication order or by chronological order. For purposes of this guide, I will be following the chronological reading order. #. 1 – Can’t Get Enough (Ailean the Wicked and Shalin the Innocent): found in Everlasting Bad Boys #. 2 – A Tale of Two Dragons (Addolgar the Cheerful and Braith of the Darkness): also found in Dragon Actually, 2nd edition #. 3 – Chains and Flames (Bercelak the Great and Queen Rhiannon): found in Dragon Actually, 1st edition #. 4 – Dragon on Top (Ghleanna the Decimator and Bram the Merciful): also found in Supernatural #1 – Dragon Actually (Annwyl the Bloody and Fearghus the Destroyer) #2 – About a Dragon (Talaith and Briec the Mighty) #3 – What a Dragon Should Know (Dagmar Reinholdt and Gwenvael the Handsome) #4 – Last Dragon Standing (Keita the Viper and Ragnar the Cunning) #5 – The Dragon Who Loved Me (Rhona the Fearless and Vigholf the Abhorent) #6 – How to Drive a Dragon Crazy (Izzy the Dangerous and Eibhear the Contemptible) #7 – Light My Fire (Elina Shestakova and Celyn the Charming) #8 – Feel the Burn (Kachka Shestakova and Gaius Domitus) #9 – Bring the Heat (Branwen the Awful and Aidan the Divine) As the Dragon Kin series continues, the world continues to expand. This is a quick breakdown of several prominent groups. Each dragon clan is native to its own region, unique in both appearance and abilities. Shifting alliances over the years have made some long-standing enemies into allies against a common enemy. For now, at least. – The House of Gwalchmai fab Gwyar – The Southlands royal family is from the House of Gwalchmai fab Gwyar, and it is currently ruled by Queen Rhiannon and her mate, Bercelak the Great of the Cadwaladr Clan. Bram the Merciful: Silver Dragon. Member of the extended Royal family. Serves as royal emissary to Queen Rhiannon. Mate of Ghleanna the Decimator (Dragon on Top). Father of eight children, including Fal, Celyn the Charming, Dera and Branwen the Black. Briec the Mighty: Silver Dragon. Second born offspring of Queen Rhiannon and Bercelak the Great. Haughty and arrogant. Mate of Talaith, Daughter of Haldane (About a Dragon). Father of Izzy the Dangerous and Rhianwen. Brother of Fearghus, Morfyd, Gwenvael, Keita and Eibhear. Eibhear the Contemptible – Blue Dragon. Squad leader of the Mi-runach. Mate of Izzy the Dangerous (How to Drive a Dragon Crazy). Youngest offspring of Queen Rhiannon and Bercelak the Great. Brother of Fearghus, Morfyd, Briec, Gwenvael and Keita. Fearghus the Destroyer – Black Dragon. Oldest son and heir of Queen Rhiannon and Bercelak the Great. Mate of Annwyl the Bloody (Dragon Actually). Father of twins Talan and Talwyn. Brother of Morfyd, Briec, Gwenvael, Keita and Eibhear. Gwenvael the Handsome – Gold Dragon. Fourth born offspring of Queen Rhiannon and Bercelak the Great. Mate of Dagmar Reinholdt (What a Dragon Should Know). Father of Unvar, Arlais and Seva Reinholdt, plus four younger daughters. Brother of Fearghus, Morfyd, Briec, Keita and Eibhear. Keita the Viper – Red Dragon. Guardian of the Throne and assassin. Youngest daughter of Queen Rhiannon and Bercelak. Mate of Ragnar the Cunning (Last Dragon Standing). Sister of Fearghus, Morfyd, Briec, Gwenvael and Eibhear. Morfyd the White – White Dragonwitch. Oldest daughter and third child of Queen Rhiannon and Bercelak the Great. Council for Queen Annwyl. Mate of Brastias. Sister of Fearghus, Keita, Briec, Gwenvael and Eibhear. Rhiannon – Queen of the Southland Dragons and White Dragonwitch. Incredibly powerful magick. Killed her hateful mother Adienna and seized the throne. Mate of Bercelak the Great (Chains and Flames). Mother of Fearghus, Morfyd, Briec, Gwenvael, Keita and Eibhear. Rhianwen – Half Dragon/half Nolwenn Witch daughter of Briec the Mighty and Talaith. Sister of Izzy the Dangerous. Incredibly powerful, but sweet and kind. Very strong bond to twin cousins Talan and Talwyn. Sent to train with the Nolwenn witches. Shalin the Innocent – Gold Dragon. Member of the extended royal family. Quiet and studious. Daughter of Baudwin the Wise. Mate of Ailean the Wicked (Can’t Get Enough). Had 15 offspring, including Baudwin, Bercelak, Bradana, Cadan, Caerwyn, Cai, Ghelanna, Hew, Maelona, Addolgar, Amhar, and Rhys. Talan – Half dragon/half human son of Annwyl and Fearghus the Destroyer. Twin brother of Talwyn. Considered and abomination and targted for death since his birth. Incredibly close bond between the twins and cousin Rhianewn. Left home to train with a brotherhood of Monks. Talwyn – Half dragon/half human daughter of Annwyl and Fearghus the Destroyer. Twin sister of Talan. Left home to train with the Kyvich witches. Other Southland Royals: Adienna (former Queen; deceased), Arlais (dragon/human), Esyld the Beautiful, Franseza, Ganeida (former Queen; deceased), Muiredach (deceased), Oissine (deceased), Seva (dragon/human), Thora (dragon/human), Unvar “Var” Reinholdt (dragon/human) – The Cadwaladr Clan – The Cadwaladr Clan are a legenary warrior family connected to the Southland Throne through the marriage of Bercelak the Great to Queen Rhiannon. Considered the Royal family’s poor relations, they are the protector of the Dragon Queen’s territories. Completely loyal to each other, they live for fighting and are nearly unstoppable in battle. Addolgar the Handsome – mate of Braith of the Darkness (A Tale of Two Dragons). Silver Dragon. Considered the nice Cadwaladr, known for his patience. General of Queen Rhiannon’s army. Father of Elara. Son of Ailean and Shalin. Brother of Amhar, Baudwin, Bercelak, Bradana, Cadan, Caerwyn, Cai, Hew, Maelona, Rhys and Ghleanna. Ailean the Wicked – mate of Shalin the Innocent (Can’t Get Enough). Blue Dragon. A Mi-runach before they had a name. Father of 15 sons and daughters, including Baudwin, Bercelak, Bradana, Cadan, Caerwyn, Cai, Ghelanna, Hew, Maelona, Addolgar, Amhar, and Rhys. Bercelak the Great – Black Dragon. Mate of Queen Rhiannon (Chains and Flames). The most feared warrior in generations. Brother of Amhar, Baudwin, Bradana, Cadan, Caerwyn, Cai, Addolgar, Hew, Rhys, Maelona and Ghleanna. Father of Fearghus, Briec, Morfyd, Gwenvael, Keita and Eibhear. Branwen the Awful – Black Dragon. Daughter of Ghleanna the Decimator and Bram the Merciful. Captain in the Dragon Queen’s army. Sister of Celyn the Charming, Fal, and Dera. Mate of Aidan the Divine. Celyn the Charming – Black Dragon. Mate of Elina Shestakova (Light My Fire). Son of Ghleanna the Decimator and Bram the Merciful. Sergeant Major in the Dragon Queen’s army. Brother of Branwen the Awful, Fal, and Dera. Ghelanna the Decimator – Black Dragon. Mate of Bram the Merciful (Dragon on Top). One of the most decorated Dragonwarriors in centuries. Mother of eight children, including Fal, Celyn the Charming, Dera and Branwen the Black. Sister of Amhar, Baudwin, Bradana, Cadan, Caerwyn, Cai, Hew, Addolgar, Maelona, Rhys and Bercelak. Rhona the Fearless – Brown Dragon. Oldest daughter of Bradana the Mutilator and Sulien the Blacksmith. Able to spew either fire or lava. Leaves the Queen’s army to have her own forge in the Northlands. Mate of Vigholf the Abhorent (The Dragon Who Loved Me). Older sister of Delen the Blue and triplets Edana, Nesta and Breena. Other Cadwaladrs: Adain (Gold Dragon), Aedammair (Brown Dragon), Afton the Hermit (deceased), Amhar the Blood Drinker, Arranz (Silver Dragon), Baudwin, Baudwin the Wise (Brown Dragon; deceased), Bideven (Black Dragon), Bradana the Mutilator, Breena, Brigida the Foul (White Dragonwitch), Cadan, Caerwyn, Cai (Green Dragon), Deniela, Dera, Edana, Elara (Blue Dragon), Elestren (Green Dragon), Eugenie, Fal (Brown Dragon), Hew (Black Dragon), Kel, Kennis, Kyna, Maelona (Green Dragon), Nesta, Rhys the Hammer, – The Mi-runach – Regarded with equal parts of fear and contempt, the Mi-runach are the berserker warriors of Queen Rhiannon. They are the destroyers and killers, and are sent into the most deadly of situations. Aidan the Divine – a member of the Foulkes de chuid Fehhan, the royal house based in the Western Mountains. Gold Dragon. Serves in Eibhear the Contemptible ‘s squad. Mate of Branwen the Awful. Caswyn the Butcher – Black Dragon. Serves in Eibhear the Contemptible ‘s squad. Eibhear the Contemptible – see Southland Dragons/House of House of Gwalchmai fab Gwyar. Uther the Despicable – Brown Dragon. Serves in Eibhear the Contemptible ‘s squad. Other Mi-runach: Ailean the Wicked (deceased), Angor (legion commander), Gregor the Appalling, – The House of Penarddun – Although technically members of the Royal family, the House of Penarddun is a matriarchal clan that has no ties to the Court and values honor above all else. All of the dragons of his house are Blue. Braith of the Darkness – Blue Dragon. Technically a member of the Royal family, but had little ties to the court. Believed she had been cut off by her mother’s family. Mate of Addolgar the Handsome (A Tale of Two Dragons). Mother of seven daughters and six sons. Other Pendarddun Members: Aledwen, Caron, Crystin, Delyth, Ffraid, Heledd, Owena – Eastland Dragons – From the lands far across the seas, the Eastland Dragons fall under the control of a powerful Empress, with the ruling family related by direct bloodline to the Chosen Dynasty. Ren – Youngest and favorite offspring of Empress Xinyi. Best friend of Keita the Red Viper. Xinyi – Empress of the Eastland Dragons. Mother of Ren and several other offspring. Powerful equal to Rhiannon. Other Eastland Dragons: Fang, Ju, Kang, Lei, Xing, Yeow, Zhi – Ice Dragons – Known as Spikes, these dragons make the far Northlands their home. Jorgesson – Former leader of the Spikes. Killed by Eibhear and the Mi-runach. – Iron Dragons – Based in the Quintilian Provinces in the Western Territories, these silver dragons separated from the Southland dragons long ago and now rule over the human Sovereigns. They are recently been freed of decades of brutal control under Overlord Thracius by the rebel King, Gaius Domitus. Uniformly silver in color, with long horns that curl towards their snouts. Agrippina Domitus – Twin sister and co-ruler of King Gaius Domitus. Niece of Overlord Thracius. Held and tortured by cousin Vateria Flominia for years. Gaius Lucius Domitus – Rebel King of the Southlands. Succeeded his brutal Uncle Thracius. Ally of Queens Rhiannon and Annwyl. Twin brother of Agrippina Domitus. Mate of Kachka Shestakova (Feel the Burn). Thracius – Former Overlord of the Iron Dragons. Brutal uncle of Gaius and Agrippina Domitus. Father of several children, including Vateria Flominia. Killed by Eibhear the Contemptible. Vateria Flominia – Daughter of Thracius. As brutal and cruel as her father. Captured and tortured cousin Agrippina Domitus for years. Takes the name Lady Ageltrude and becomes a follower of Chramnesind. Wife of Duke Roland Salebiri. Determined to destroy the human/dragon offspring of Annwyl in the name of her God. Other Iron Dragons: Benedetto Salebiri (dragon/human), Columella, Didacus Domitus (deceased), Egnatius Domitus (deceased), Junius Bato Toranius (deceased), Laetitia Clydia Domitus, Marcellus (deceased), Maris (deceased) – Lightning Dragons – Based in the Northlands, these former enemies of the Southland dragons are broken up into Hordes that are run by Dragonlords. They are purple scaled while in dragon form, and have purple hair in their human form, and instead of breathing fire their natural weapon is lightning. Meinhard the Savage – Part of the Northlands Olgeirsson Horde. Cousin of Ragnar the Cunning and Vigholf the Vicious. Mentored Eibhear the Contemptible during his time in the Northlands. Olgeir the Wastrel – Former Northland Dragon warlord. Father of Ragnar the Cunning and Vigholf the Vicious. Kidnapped and forced a mating with Davon the Elegant. Plotted to overthrow Queen Rhiannon. Killed by Izzy the Dangerous and Talaith. Ragnar the Cunning – Son of Olgeir the Wastrel and Davon the Elegant. Brother of Vigholf the Vicious. Became Dragonlord Chief of all the Hordes after the death of his father. Highly trained in Magick. Mate of Keita the Viper (Last Dragon Standing). Vigholf the Abhorent – Son of Olgeir the Wastrel and Davon the Elegant. Brother and second in command of Ragnar the Cunning. Mate of Rhona the Fearless (The Dragon Who Loved Me). Other Lightning Dragons: Adawolf, Askel, Erdmann (deceased), Freida, Grimhild the Vile (deceased), Herleif, Styrbjorn the Loathsome (deceased), Styrbjorn the Revolting, Theodoric, Tinig, – Sand Dragons – These dragons make the Desert Lands their home, and use the sand as their natural weapon. Heru VII – King of the Sand Dragons. Other Sand Dragons: Abasi (former King), Amsi (Duke), Bani (Healer), Kafele (Magi), Vincent (deceased) – Sea Dragons – Mostly a mystery to even their land-based counterparts, Sea Dragons make their homes underwater and tend to avoid contact with others. They have adapted to their environment and have irridescent scales that change from blues to greens and pinks, and brightly colored fins instead of horns. Helena – Empress of the Sea Dragon empire. Conniving and controlling. Held Bram the Merciful hostage when he was young. Other Sea Dragons: Anatolios (soldier), Catriona, Demetrius (soldier), Euthalia, Kleitos (Chancellor), – Volcano Dragons – Born deep in the Volcanos of the Black Mountains near the Southern Borderlands, they spew lava rather than fire. Sulien the Blacksmith – Black Dragon with a red tinge to his scales. Forgemaster at Garbhan Isle and creator of incredible weapons. Mate of Bradana the Mutilator. Father of Rhona the Fearless, Delen the Blue and triplets Edana, Nesta and Breena. – The Kyvich – Feared witches from the Icelands, the Kyvich are the sworn enemies of the Nolwenn. Known for their skill in battle, the Kyvich are raiders who are known for taking young females to increase their numbers. Asta – General. Sent with her troop by the Gods to protect the dragon/human royal children from harm. Bryndis – Second in command under General Asta. Deadly in battle, kills without remorse. Other Kyvich: Fia, Gisa, Hulda, Jesella, Odda, – The Nolwenn – The Nolwenn are the powerful witches of the Desert Lands, based in the city of Sefu, and are the sworn enemies of the Kyvich. They are protected by the Sefu Imperial guard. Elisa – A highly respected Elder. Mother of Haldane, grandmother of Talaith, great-grandmother of Izzy the Dangerous and Rhianwen. Haldane – Disowned pregnant daughter Talaith when she became pregnant at 16. Daughter of Elder Elisa. Grandmother of Izzy the Dangerous and Rhianwen. Izzy the Dangerous – Of Nolwenn blood, but with no magical power. Daughter of Talaith and Sethos. Adopted by Briec the Mighty. Older sister of Rhianwen. General in Annwyl ‘s Army. Mate of Eibhear the Contemptible (How to Drive a Dragon Crazy). Rhianwen – see Southland Dragons/The House of Gwalchmai fab Gwyar. Talaith – Disowned by her mother Haldane when she became pregnant at 16. Taken and used by the Goddess Arzhela as an assassin. Mate of Briec the Mighty (About a Dragon). Mother of Izzy the Dangerous and Rhianwen. Other Nolwenn Witches: Akila, – Garbhan Isle – Garbhan Isle is the seat of the human royals of the Southlands, and those in its territory fall under the rule of Annwyl, who waged a long and bloody battle against her brother for the throne. Annwyl, Queen – Known as Annwyl the Bloody. Fought and killed her brutal brother Lorcan for the throne. Mate of Fearghus the Destroyer (Dragon Actually). Mother to the dragon/human twins Talan and Talwyn. Fearless and filled with rage, she is an unstoppable warrior, capable of defeating human legions and dragons alike. Brastias – General and second in command for Queen Annwyl. Commander of all the armies of the Dark Plains. Mate of Morfyd the White. Lorcan – Former King of Garbhan Isle. Known as The Butcher. Abusive and cruel. Killed by sister Annwyl the Bloody. – The Reinholdts – Based in the brutal and barren Northlands, one of the most important human families from this area is the Reinholdts. They are ruled by warlord Sigmar Reinholdt were guided for years by his daughter, known as The Beast. Dagmar Reinholdt – 13th child and only daughter of Sigmar Reinholdt. Known as The Beast. Serves as Chief Battle Lord for Queen Annwyl. Mate of Gwenvael the Handsome (What a Dragon Should Know). Mother of Unvar, Arlais and Seva Reinholdt, plus four younger daughters. Eymund Reinholdt – Oldest son and heir of Sigmar Reinholdt. Husband of Kikka. First wife killed during a raid by his uncle Jokull. Frederick Reinholdt – Eighth son of Fridmar Reinholdt. Smart and cunning. Sent to live with aunt Dagmar Reinholdt at age 14. Sigmar Reinholdt – Prominent landowner in the Northlands. Spent years in battle against his raiding brother Jokull. Had 12 sons and one daughter, Dagmar Reinholdt. Other Reinholdts: Alppi, Dechard (deceased), Fridmar, Gestur, Jokull (deceased), Kikka, Uddo (deceased), Valdis, – Riders of the Steppes – From the harsh and brutal lands of the Outerplains, the Riders of the Steppes are matriarchal Tribes under the control of the Anne Atli. Although human, they are unequalled warriors with lifespans of up to 1200 years. There is a male-dominated Dark Mountain tribe based in the Eastlands under the control of Batu the Iron Hearted. Elina Shestakova – Full name is Elina Shestakova of the Black Bear Riders of the Midnight Mountains of Despair in the Far Reaches of the Steppes of the Outerplains. Nearly killed by mother Glebovicha Shestakova. Sister of Kachka Shestakova. Mate of Celyn the Charming (Light My Fire). Glebovicha Shestakova – Leader of the Black Bear Riders tribe. Mother of Elina and Kachka Shestakova. Brutal and cruel. Killed by Annwyl the Bloody. Kachka Shestakova – Full name is Kachka Shestakova of the Black Bear Riders of the Midnight Mountains of Despair in the Far Reaches of the Steppes of the Outerplains. Daugher of Glebovicha Shestakova. Sister of Elina Shestakova. Known as the Scourge of the Gods for fighting the cults of Chramnesind. Mate of Gaius Domitus (Feel the Burn). Other Riders: Andreeva Fyodorov, Anne Atli (tribal ruler), Batu the Iron Hearted (Eastland leader), Bolormaa (Eastland Shamaness), Gavrilovich Trifonov, Inessa Kolesova (deceased), Ivan Khoruzhaya, Ivanova Shestakova, Magdalina Fydorov, Marina Aleksandrovna, Nergui the Knowing (Eastland), Nika Kolesova, Nina Chechneva, Oksana Kolesova, Oleza Tyushnaykov, Tatyana Shestakova, Tevkel, Yelena Khoruzhaya, Zoya Kolesova Several Gods and Goddesses play a role in the Dragon Kin series, but the only thing they all have in common is that they are following their own agendas. Arzhela – Goddess of Light, Love and Fertility. Used Talaith as her own personal assassin. Older sister of Eirianwen. Destroyed by Rhydderch Hael. Chramnesind – The Sightless One. Worshipped by the Iron Dragons. Determined to be the One True God. Followed by the cult of the True Believers. Eirianwen – Goddess of War. Known as Eir. Younger sister of Arzhela. Creator of the Mi-runach. Mate of Rhydderch Hael. Mingxia – Eastland Goddess of War and Love. Trains Annwyl and Talwyn for the battle with the True Believers. Nannulf – War God. Takes the form of a massive wolf. Companion of Eirianwen. Guides Annwyl the Bloody in her war against Overlord Thracius. Rhydderch Hael – God of Dragons. Set in motion the creation of the Dragon/Human offspring. Forced Izzy the Dangerous to be his champion. Mate of Eirianwen. *This is a breakdown of all of the characters in G. Aiken ’s Dragon Kin series, complete up to Bring the Heat. While I have tried to keep things general, this is a reference that may include spoilers. I have chosen to follow the chronological reading order instead of publication order for this series. This is alphabetical by first name, with main or vital characters highlighted in blue. Abasi, King – Sand Dragon first mentioned in How to Drive a Dragon Crazy former king of the Sand Dragons daughter kidnapped and killed by Thracius Abernathy, Duke first mentioned in Bring the Heat supporter of Duke Roland Salebiri gave gold and supplies to provide for the Zealots killed along with his wife and two sons Abertha Salebiri – Priestess first appearance in Light My Fire from the Annaig Valley in the Outerplains sister of Duke Roland and Thomas Salebiri a zealot and worshiper of Chramnesind cold and cruel, but very beautiful tall and lean, with waist length golden hair and green eyes wants the destruction of the human/dragon offspring tries to goad Annwyl into making her a martyr for her god Aberthol – Red Dragon one of Queen Rhiannon’s personal guards a traitor and follower of Chramnesind sent to kill Bercelak the Great and start a war killed by Celyn the Charming Achaius first appearance in About a Dragon spent years as a soldier in Madron escaped with Izzy the Dangerous from Lord Hamish’s lands spent 9 years on the run with Iseabail, gave up his home and his life to keep her safe offered a home in Garbhan Isle Adain – Gold Dragon first appearance in Dragon on Top son of Ailean the Wicked and Shalin the Innocent one of the younger brothers of Bercelak, Addolgar and Ghleanna Adalwolf – Lightning Dragon first mentioned in Last Dragon Standing brother of Olgeir the Wastrel uncle of Ragnar the Cunning and Vigholf the Vicious Addolgar the Handsome – Silver Dragon (A Tale of Two Dragons) first appearance in A Tale of Two Dragons brother of Ghleanna, Bercelak and Rhys likes to fight, takes part in human wars when the dragons are at peace considered the nice Cadwaladr, kind to everyone he is not at war with rose to the position of General in Queen Rhiannon’s army known for his patience charming and a bit goofy tall and muscular, with lovely brown eyes and dark silver hair mate of Braith of the Darkness father of seven daughters and six sons Adienna, Queen – Red Dragon first appearance in Can’t Get Enough daughter and heir of Queen Ganieda both despises and fears her daughter Rhiannon, wanted her dead for years branded her offspring to limit their powers had an obsession with Ailean the Wicked after a one-night stand irrational, spoiled and manipulative cruel and mocking, cares only for her own needs thought of Bercelak as her trained pet tried to sell Shalin to Lightning Dragons to remove her from Ailean’s life forced into mating by her mother, mate taken by the Iron Dragons and crucified likes to see others in pain, rules through fear chose Bercelak to be Rhiannon’s mate, hoping he would destroy her red hair and blue eyes killed by Rhiannon Aedammair – Brown Dragon first appearance in Last Dragon Standing member of the Cadwaladr Clan, cousin of the royals Captain of the Royal Guard Afanen – Dragon son of Elder Emyr brother of Braith of the Darkness and Meical handsome but stupid, blindly follows the orders of his father a traitor poisoned and killed by Lady Katarina Afton the Hermit – Dragon first mentioned in Can’t Get Enough also known as Afton the Murderer and Afton the Cruel member of the Cadwaladr Clan father of Ailean the Wicked, Arranz and Bideven lived in isolation in a cave, reclusive after the death of his mate Ageltrude, Lady see Vateria Flominia Agrippina Domitus – Iron Dragon first appearance in The Dragon Who Loved Me father killed by Overlord Thracius, who stole the throne twin sister of Gaius Lucius Domitus niece of Overlord Thracius held and tortured by her cousin Vateria Flominia rescued from captivity by Annwyl, Izzy, Brannie, Vigholf and Rhona smart and analytical blessed by both human and dragon magick by his mother when she was young stole all of Gaius’ magic while they were still in the womb, able to share her power with him incredibly powerful flame even in human form, able to melt stone silver dragon form, with silver scales and long curling horns tall and regal, with long silver hair Aidan the Divine – Gold Dragon (Bring the Heat) first appearance in How to Drive a Dragon Crazy member of the Mi-runach, serves in Eibhear’s squad part of the House of the Foulkes de chuid Fehhan, the royal family from the Western Mountains son of Gormlaith and Jarlath brother of Ainmire, Harkin, Airmid and Cinnie dislikes and distrusts his parents and other siblings, except Orla always joking and causing trouble, but smarter than others give him credit for spends his time trying to play peacemaker to keep the Mi-Runach out of trouble shoulder-length golden hair, with light golden eyes and cute dimples mate of Branwen the Awful Ailean the Wicked – Blue Dragon (Can’t Get Enough) also known as Ailean the Beautiful and Ailean the Whore third born son of Afton the Hermit, younger brother of Arranz and Bideven mother died when he was 11 after saving him from a human battalion member of the Cadwaladr Clan and veteran battle dragon of the Queen’s army lives on his own terms, answers to no one loves being human, turns dragon only to fight of fly skilled fighter, called in when he is needed for battle was a Mi-runach before they had a name known for his slutty ways, his reputation followed his children trained his children for any kind of battle since they were hatchlings has written several books on combat, tactical maneuvers and philosophy children never knew how respected he is in political circles a chameleon, able to blend into his surroundings long dark blue hair and bright silver eyes mate of Shalin the Innocent had 15 sons and daughters, including Bercelak, Ghleanna, Addolgar and Rhys Ainmire – Dragon first appearance in Feel the Burn oldest son of Jarlath and Gormlaith brother of Aidan the Divine, Cinnie, Harkin, Orla and Airmid vacant and strnage becomes a follower of Chramnesind, sacrifices both his eyes and his soul betrays his family and leads an attack on their castle stabbed by Marina Aleksandovna, should’ve died but was protected by his God Airmid – Dragon son of Jarlath and Gormlaith sister of Aidan the Divine, Ainmire, Harkin, Orla and Cinnie vapid and spoiled Akila – Nolwenn Witch serves Elisa and Haldane in the city of Sefu Albrecht, Lord a human royal who visits Garbhan Isle 17 year old son of Lord Pombray tall and handsome, with a small beard and a charming smile Aledwen – Blue Dragon a daughter of the House of Penarddun from a matriarchal clan that values honor above all else a member of the Royal family who has no ties to the Court aunt of Braith of the Darkness sister of Owena and Crystin, mother of Heledd and Delyth massively built and incredibly strong blue hair and green eyes Alistair a lieutenant in Annwyl’s army Alppi – Northlander oldest son of Eymund Reinholdt nephew of Dagmar Reinholdt comes off as a bit slow and confused Amhar the Blood Drinker – Dragon brother of Bercelak, Ghleanna, and Addologar Ampius a Colonel serving under Laudaricus Parthenius Amsi, Lord – Sand Dragon a Duke from the outer regions of the Desert lands close confidant of King Heru VII Anatolios – Sea Dragon a Sea Dragon soldier scales constantly change color from blues to dark greens to light pink webbed talons and brightly colored fins instead of horns Andreeva Fyodorov – Rider of the Steppes young but already in training related to the current Anne Atli Angor – Dragon Mi-runach legion commander trained Eibhear, acts like a second father completely loyal to Queen Rhiannon Anne first mentioned in What a Dragon Should Know a friend of Aoibhell the Learned Anne Atli – Rider of the Steppes ruler of all of the Tribes of the Steppes both a title and a name, the original Anne Atli united the warring clans of the Steppes has 54 husbands and countless offspring sister of Magdalina Fyodorov tall and towering, heavily scarred from yeas of battle long blonde hair worn in many braids Annwyl, Queen (Dragon Actually) first appearance in Dragon Actually also known as Annwyl the Bloody, the Mad Queen of Garbhan Isle spent her early years living simply in her mother’s poor village illegitimate daughter of the King of Garbhan Isle brought to Garbhan Isle by her father at age 10 older half brother Lorcan caused her pain from the moment she arrived spends years fighting to free her people from her brother’s tyrannical rule becomes Queen of Garbhan Isle after taking her brother’s head unequaled skill in battle, has no sense of fear or self preservation brave to the point of foolishness kills her brother Lorcan in battle, declares herself the Queen of Garbhan Isle cares nothing for politics, runs on instinct and emotion leaves the day-to-day running of Garbhan Isle to Brastias and Morfyd given the chain of Beathag by Rhiannon which will extend her life as long as she loves Fearghus known far and wide for her rage, both loves and hates with complete passion almost freakishly strong, radiates determination doesn’t seem to age, looks no more than 30 taller than most men, covered in scars from battles and beatings from her father scar from her right temple across her face and down to her neck long dark hair to her knees and dark green eyes wears her large mate mark on her arms and inner thighs chosen by Rhydderch Hael to parent the first dragon/human children mother of Talan and Talwyn mate of Fearghus the Destroyer Antha works in a brothel outside Madron friendly with Gwenvael large and curvy Aoibhell the Learned first mentioned in What a dragon Should Know a philosopher and writer debated about everything, with everyone did not believe in the Gods able to see the Gods in human form because she had no faith in them Argraff Twins – Dragon first mentioned in Chains and Flames twin sisters and former lovers of Bercelak and one of his brother Arlais – Dragon/Human oldest daughter and second oldest child of Dagmar Reinholdt and Gwenvael the Handsome sister of Unvar, Thora and Seva Reinholdt arrogant, haughty and spoiled considers herself above the rest of her family close only to her aunt Keita, will perhaps follow her as a protector of the throne golden haired, with golden eyes, but more plain-featured like her mother Arranz – Silver Dragon older brother of Ailean the Wicked and Bideven son of Afton the Hermit has a calm veneer that hides his ruthlessness silver hair and violet eyes Arzhela – Goddess of Light, Love and Fertility served by Lord Hamish of Madron older sister of Eirianwen, Goddess of War known for her beauty, but filled with rage has power only over humans, not dragons took a newborn Izzy to use as leverage to control Talaith bound Talaith’s powers, sent her to try and kill Annwyl the Bloody craves the power of Rhydderch Hael tries to have Annwyl killed before she can give birth the first dragon/human children looks like she is surrounded by a golden light curly golden waist-length hair, crystal blue eyes destroyed by Rhydderch Hael in Talaith’s body Askel – Lightning Dragon Northland Dragon of the Olgeirsson Horde has long purple hair in his human form purple scaled in his dragon form Asta – Kyvich Witch general of the Kyvich witches deadly in battle, kills without remorse able to move without a sound sent by the Gods to protect Rhianwen and the twins while Annwyl goes to war face covered with black tribal tattoos Athol Reidfurd – Elf runs Castle Moor, a discrete location where anything goes oddly alluring, and known for keeping secrets went down a darker path, claimed by no group Austell the Red – Red Dragon a soldier in the Royal army and Dragonwarrior recruit close friend of both Eibhear the Contemptible and Celyn the Charming level-headed and well liked killed in a sneak attack by Thracius’s soldiers Bampour, Lord Baron Lord of the Outerplains highly unpleasant and dangerous sent assassins to kill Talan and Talwyn killed by one of Dagmar Reinholdt’s agents Keita the Viper accused of his death succeeded by his son, Lord Bampour Bampour, Lord (II) father Lord Bampour killed by an agent of Dagmar Reinholdt, Keita the Viper accused of the murder petulant and spoiled Banallan – Gold Dragon former lover of Bercelak the Great Bani – Sand Dragon from the the Desert lands personal healer and close confidant of King Heru VII Bantor, Duchess first appearance in What a Dragon Should Know spends time in the Court at Garbhan Isle has spent years trying to seduce Gwenvael the Handsome beautiful and persistent, with long blonde hair Batu the Iron Hearted – Rider first appearance in Bring the Heat leader of the Dark Mountain Tribes in the Eastlands, the strongest and must brutal Tribe on the Steppes braided black and blonde hair, long bushy beard not particularly tall, but very broad Baudwin – Dragon oldest son of Ailean the Wicked and Shalin the Innocent older brother of Bercelak the Great named for his maternal grandfather, Baudwin the Wise Baudwin the Wise – Brown Dragon father of Shalin the Innocent learned and thoughtful, well respected among scholars very smart, but often absent-minded a thinker, not a fighter doesn’t always see eye-to-eye with the elders lost after the death of his mate died years after Shalin the Innocent mated Ailean the Wicked Benedetto Salebiri – Dragon/Human eldest son of Vateria Flominia and Duke Roland Salebiri the only offspring of Vateria’s that matters to her a killer, even as a child 18 years old when his mother is killed, taken by Brigida the Foul Bercelak the Great – Black Dragon (Chains and Flames) ninth child of Ailean the Wicked and Shalin the Innocent brother of Ghleanna, Addolgar and Rhys planned from the time he was young to lead the dragon army known for his rude and unpleasant ways a skilled warrior with a short temper, rude to everyone but Rhiannon worked for everything he has, and everything he did was to bring him closer to Rhiannon had an obsession with Rhiannon since the first moment he saw her one of the most feared Dragons in generations several brutal scars, including a vicious one by his eye very large and heavily muscled jet black eyes and long black hair streaked with silver and grey mate marked on his entire back mate of Queen Rhiannon father of Fearghus, Briec, Morfyd, Gwenvael, Keita and Eibhear Berg, Lord first mentioned in A Tale of Two Dragons lives in the Western mountain territories controls a vast army his forces are the only defense against the Iron Dragons daughter Lady Katarina basically a well treated hostage in Queen Adienna’s court to ensure he does what he is told Bideven – Black Dragon second son of Afton the Hermit brother of Ailean the Wicked and Arranz nicknamed Biddy for his worrying ways smart and thoughtful Bolormaa – Rider shamaness of the Dark Mountain Tribes in the Eastlands serves Batu the Iron Hearted Borden, General commander of the Tenth and Thirteenth legions in Annywl’s army tends to be a peacemaker Bradana the Mutilator – Dragon daughter of Shalin the Innocent and Ailean the Wicked sister of Bercelak, Ghlenna and Addologar gravelly voice after having her throat cut in battle centuries ago spent years at a time away from her offspring while at war mother of Rhona the Fearless, Delen the Blue, and triplets Edana, Nesta and Breena Braith of the Darkness – Blue Dragon (A Tale of Two Dragons) daughter of the House of Penarddun and member of the royal family not close to the royal family, despised by her father Emyr and brothers Afanen and Meical does her best to be uninteresting so she escapes the notice of the Royals, stays away from court as much as possible has taken care of herself for most of her life, felt completely alone believed after her mother’s death that she was disowned by her mother’s people, but was cut off from them by her father like her mother’s family, driven by her sense of honor nearly unbeatable in battle, takes instinctively to the war hammer big boned and almost freakishly strong, with massive arms and a thick neck wears her mating mark on her upper chest bright green eyes and long blue hair mate of Addolgar the Handsome mother of seven daughters and six sons Bram the Merciful – Silver Dragon (Dragon on Top) member of the royal family considered one of the kindest and most patient of all dragons life-long friendship with Rhiannon, serves as her royal emissary the most trusted dragon in the Southlands negotiates alliances that make Rhiannon the strongest ruler in generations logical and smart, but absentminded when he gets involved in something not a fighter, his mind is his greatest weapon has an extremely powerful flame, stronger than almost any other dragon lusted after Ghleanna the Decimator since the first time he saw her human form tall and handsome, with long silver hair and deep blue eyes mate of Ghleanna the Decimator father of eight children, including Fal, Celyn, Dera and Branwen the Awful Branwen the Awful – Black Dragon (Bring the Heat) daughter of Ghleanna the Decimator and Bram the Merciful member of the Cadwaladr Clan and a Dragonwarrior a Captain in the Dragon Queen’s army, always ready for battle brutal and nearly unbeatable in either human or dragon form a master of all weapons completely loyal to her troops, unequalled in battle one of eight children, including brothers Celyn and Fal and sister Dera best friend of Izzy the Dangerous shoulder length straight black hair and black eyes mate of Aidan the Divine Brastias General commander of the Dark Plains rebellion and war hero loyal second in command of Annwyl the Bloody, General Commander of all the armies of the Dark Plains face scarred from battle light colored eyes mate of Morfyd Breena – Dragon soldier in the Royal army offspring of Bradana the Mutilator and Sulien the Blacksmith younger sister of Rhona the Fearless and Delen the Blue identical triplet sister of Nesta and Edana the most like their mother, enjoys the close-up kill after the war with Thracius, sent to train as a dragonwarrior methodical and cunning pretty, with green eyes Breeton-Holmes, Lord – Human lord of a small but well situated keep friends with Keita the Viper, loyal to Annwyl the Bloody Briaga – Dragon aunt of Ailean the Wicked helped raise Ailean, Arranz and Bideven after the death of their mother has several offspring of her own vicious in battle Brighid – Centaur served Queen Rhiannon as nanny for the royals when they were children had been stern but loving over 3000 years old daughter Eadburga “Ebba” made nanny to Rhianwen, Talan and Talwyn until they are 18 Briec the Mighty – Silver Dragon (About a Dragon) first appearance in Chains and Flames second child of Queen Rhiannon and Bercelak the Great brother of Fearghus, Morfyd, Gwenvael, Kieta and Eibhear a dragonwarrior who has never been defeated trained with dragon wizards in his early days, has powerful magick skills outrageously arrogant and usually rude looks to be around 30 years old, but is well over 200 huge in human and dragon form ruggedly beautiful face, with a square law and high cheekbones knee-length silver hair and bright violet eyes mate of Talaith, Daughter of Haldane father of Rhianwen, adopted father of Izzy the Dangerous Brigida the Foul – White Dragonwitch an extremely old Cadwaladr Elder, more than 900 years old terrifying, feared even by her own clan and the Royals capable of incredibly strong magicks has been in telepathic contact with Rhianwen, Talan and Talwyn since they were born manipulative and calculating, has her own agenda horrifying in both human and dragon form, difficult to look at long white hair and a brutally scarred face missing part of her chin one crystal blue eye, one milky white and gray bright white hair that is so long it pools on the floor kills Vateria Flominia and absorbs her life, returning her to her youth takes Benedetto Salebiri as her apprentice Bryndis – Kyvich Witch second in command of the Kyvich legion Cadan – Dragon brother of Bercelak, Ghlenna and Addolgar father of Elestren Caerwyn – Dragon brother of Bercelak, Ghleanna, and Rhys the Hammer Cai – Green Dragon Cairns – Dragon a member of Queen Rhiannon’s Dragon Guard completely loyal Camden – Human/Dragon son of a human mother and a dragon father brought to Garbhan Isle by his mother Diana will be killed if he returns to their village tall and beautiful, with golden blonde hair and green eyes Caron – Blue Dragon cousin of Braith of the Darkness oldest daughter of Crystin Caswyn the Butcher – Black Dragon one of the Mi-runach, serves under Eibhear brutal and violent, trained in the art of torture not particularly bright, but completely loyal huge in both dragon and human form Catriona – Sea Dragon first lover of Gwenvael the Handsome broke Gwenvael’s heart when she suddenly returned to her home in the Sea Ceanag – Dragon a member in the court of Queen Ganieda has at least one son who was a lover of Princess Adienna Celyn the Charming – Black Dragon (Light My Fire) son of Ghleanna the Decimator and Bram the Merciful has no need to go to war, happy being one of the Queen’s Personal Guards made Sergeant Major of the Queen’s army after saving Bercelak the Great from traitors one of eight children, including brother Fal and sisters Dera and Branwen endlessly curious, questions everyone and everything first lover of Izzy the Dangerous 158 years old sweet, funny and confident black hair and eyes, with a square jaw wears a bear brand on his arm mate of Elina Shestakova Charles assistant of Bram the Merciful a very loyal and highly efficient human Chramnesind – God called The Sightless One, has no eyes but sees everything God of the Iron Dragons determined to be the only God being worshipped repulsive, with a forked tongue and no eyes it is in his name that the True Believers target Annwyl and the Abominations defeated by Eir, Nannulf, and Rhydderch Hael Cilydd – Dragon around 900 years old and nearly blind an Elder in the court of Queen Ganieda Cinnie – Dragon daughter of Jarlath and Gormlaith sister of Aidan the Divine, Ainmire, Harkin, Orla and Airmid Clemens, Duke – Human around 60 years old having an affair with a Cadwaladr cousin, Eugenie Clesek, Elder – Dragon an Elder in the court of Queen Rhiannon Columella – Iron Dragon daughter of Overlord Thracius one of the four younger sister of Vateria Flominia Costentyn – Brown Dragon an old, wise dragon who lived quietly in his cave in the Southlands revered books and knowledge loved to wander through towns in his human form to gather information a friend of Bram the Merciful brown scales had turned grey with age murder ordered by Baron Roscommon killed so his horde could fund an army supporting Chramnesind Craddock, Lady a human Baroness of the Dark Plains husband Lord Craddock trying to start an uprising against the rule of Annwyl the Bloody spreads cruel gossip that new-born twins Talan and Talwyn are unholy abominations is having an affair with a local pig farmer Craddock, Lord a human Baron of the Dark Plains trying to start an uprising against the rule of Annwyl the Bloody raising an army near the Southland Coast wife Lady Craddock having an affair with a local pig farmer Crom, Lord killed by Briec when he flirted with a 16 year old Izzy Crystin – Blue Dragon sister of Owena and Aledwen Cursain – Demon guard of Demon Lord Phalet lives in a level of Hell long ears and fangs killed by Annwyl the Bloody Dagmar Reinholdt (What a Dragon Should Know) daughter of Sigmar Reinholdt, the mightiest warlord of the Northlands has 12 older brothers given the name The Beast by her mocking cousin Uddo when she was 13 a legendary strategist and battle lord, trainer of battle dogs deals in information, usually knows her way through any situation married three times, but no marriage lasted more than a day terrifying reputation completely at odds with her appearance both brilliant and cunning although physically weak, in her own way is more dangerous than Annwyl able to see the Gods because she has no faith in them given the Chain of Beathag by the war God Nannulf made Chief Battle Lord for Annwyl looks to be around 30 years old, tiny and somewhat plain looking cold grey eyes behind wire-rimmed glasses, worn because she is severely near-sighted waist length brown hair mate marked on her backside mate of Gwenvael the Handsome mother of seven children, including son Unvar, daughters Arlais and Seva Dana an agent for Dagmar Reinholdt sent in by Dagmar to kill Lord Bampour petite and pretty, with blonde hair Danelin lived in the dungeons of Garbhan Isle until he was 9 years old became a soldier at age 12 next in command after Brastias, captain of Annwyl’s elite guard Davon the Elegant – Gold Dragon snatched from her father’s cave by Olgeir’s Lightning Dragons her capture started a war between the Lightnings and the Southlanders forced to mate Olgeir the Wastrel mother of Ragnar the Cunning and Vigholf the Vicious long golden hair and wide blue eyes Dechard Reinholdt – Northlander father of Jokull and Gestur Reinholdt killed by his own son Sigmar Reinholdt Delen the Blue – Blue Dragon daughter of Bradana the Mutilator and Sulien the Blacksmith younger sister of Rhona the Fearless older sister of triplets Edana, Nesta and Breena Delyth – Blue Dragon daughter of Aledwen, sister of Heledd Demetrius – Sea Dragon Sea dragon soldier Deniela – Dragon sister of Afton the Hermit, aunt of Ailean the Wicked, Arranz and Bideven a warrior in her own right, skilled with a battle axe best known as the mother of the Cadwaladr twins, Kyna and Kennis Dera – Dragon one of eight children, including brothers Fal and Celyn and sister Branwen Derowen – Silver Dragon daughter of Gobrien Desmond L’Udair a nobleman and lieutenant serving under Lorcan outwardly handsome, but corrupt and cruel finger cut off by Annwyl after he gropes her killed by Annywl the Bloody in battle Diana mother of a half dragon son, Camden flees her village to save her son’s life Didacus Domitus – Iron Dragon cousin of Gaius and Agrippina Domitus had been completely loyal to Overlord Thracius executed by Gaius Domitus Doane Brothers – Dragons first mentioned in About a Dragon bitter and cranky live together since no one else can stand them Donnflhlaidh – Brown Dragon an extremely old dragon who will no longer shift to human nearing the end of her life has some psychic ability Eadburga see Ebba Eanruig – Gold Dragon an elder in the court of Queen Rhiannon back-stabbing, arrogant and controlling bloodline obsessed, believes Bercelak’s Cadwaladr blood tainted the royal line golden hair turned nearly white with age dull, worn scales killed by Ghleanna the Decimator and Addolgar the Handsome when he tries to take newborn twins Talan and Talwyn Eavan serves Lord Hamish of Madron craves riches and glory Ebba – Centaur mother Brighid served as nanny for the royals has a deep, powerful magic able to freeze people in place nanny for Rhianwen and the twins beautiful, with long, reddish brown hair Edana – Dragon oldest identical triplet sister of Nesta and Breena the most serious of the triplets, always strikes first Egnatius Domitus – Iron Dragon son of Overlord Thracius, brother of Vateria believes the throne is his by right unparalleled skill with a sword pretends to be a Chramnesind follower to be made Overlord of the Quintilian Soverigns hunted down and killed by Gaius Domitus Eibhear the Contemptible – Blue Dragon (How to Drive a Dragon Crazy) youngest son of Queen Rhiannon and Bercelak the Great excited and exuberant, like an over-sized puppy known for his kindness and tolerance, always thinks the best of everyone spent two years in the Northlands, training with the Lightnings doesn’t like to follow orders very protective of humans lets loose a berserker rage when his friend Austell the Red is killed in a sneak attack during the war with Thracius ripped off Thracius’ head in his rage sent to the Icelands to become Mi-runach rises to the position of Mi-runach squad leader, feared and reviled throughout the Icelands a chameleon, able to become nearly invisible freakishly large in both human and dragon form a strong jaw and sharp cheekbones, with scars on his face and neck long deep blue hair to the ground, silver eyes after he becomes Mi-runach, wears his hair in warrior braids with small animal bones and feathers throughout mate of Izzy the Dangerous Eirianwen “Eir” – Goddess of War long ago was tossed from the human npantheon of Gods travels with a huge wolf named Nannulf looks to be around 40, but tall and fit roams the world looking for battles to fight younger sister of Arzhela, her opposite in every way feared even by her own brothers and sisters, one of the most violent goddesses in the known world gave the gift to shift into human form to all dragons brought Annwyl back to life after she had been killed by Rhydderch Hael created of the Mi-runach covered with scars on her hands, face and neck long, curly brown hair worn in warrior braids rich brown skin and brown eyes mate of Rhydderch Hael Elara – Blue Dragon member of the Cadwaladr clan daughter of Addolgar the Handsome and Braith of the Darkness a young, powerful dragoness, both smart and strong favors a war hammer, like her mother Elestren – Green Dragon a member of the Cadwaladr Clan, daughter of Cadan leader of Queen Rhiannon’s Royal Guard a warrior dragoness based in the Anubail Mountains lives in an underground fortress, training with others like her heavily scarred from years of battle has devoted her life to the service of Eirianwen, Goddess of War has never forgiven Keita the Viper for accidentally ripping out her eye nearly killed by Morfyd after she attacks Keita the Viper long green hair Elina Shestakova – Daughter of the Steppes (Light My Fire) full name is Elina Shestakova of the Black Bear Riders of the Midnight Mountains of Despair in the Far Reaches of the Steppes of the Outerplains from a harsh and brutal matriarchal tribe of the Outerplains sent by her tribe leader and mother Glebovicha on a suicide mission to kill Queen Rhiannon fatalistic and no-nonsense, always brutally honest always treated with contempt by her family because she was thought to be weak kills for survival and defense, doesn’t live for war like her tribesmates has 24 siblings, but is close only to her sister Kachka Shestakova 145 years old, but can live to be almost 1200 branded Celyn with a bear marking on his arm, wears her mating mark down her spine pale skinned, with long, white blonde hair and bright blue eyes face slashed by Glebovicha, costing her her left eye has a thick, Outerplains accent mate of Celyn the Charming Elisa – Nolwenn Witch a highly respected Nolwenn elder, revered by her people mother of Haldane, grandmother of Talaith, great-grandmother of Izzy the Dangerous and Rhianwen probably around 600 years old, but looks to be around 50 dark brown eyes unfaded by age Emyr – Dragon father of Braith of the Darkness, Afanen and Meical an Elder in the Court of Queen Adienna cold and controlling, loyal only to himself chose his mate to get strong sons and a royal title, but had no use for his daughter a traitor working against the Queen allied with the Lighting Dragons destroyed the honor of his own family plotting against the Queen a coward who uses others to do his dirty work has little use for his daughter Braith, hoped she would be killed in battle against his soldiers Erdmann – Lightning Dragon 12th oldest son of Tinig, younger brother of Theodoric comes to the Dark Plains to claim Shalin the Innocent after she is sold to his father killed by Kyna purple haired human form, purple scaled dragon form Eryi Captain of the Guards at Garbhan Isle Esmerelda – Witch a healer and a witch part of the household of Lord Breeton-Holmes Esyld the Beautiful – Red Dragon sister of Queen Rhiannon, aunt of the royal offspring a powerful witch and an excellent healer fled the Southlands when Rhiannon killed their mother and came to power called Esyld the Traitor by Rhiannon’s court, has been hunted for years lives as a human in the Woods of Desolation in the Outerplains has no interest in power, simply wants to be left alone captured and tortured by Lady Franseza for information about Rhiannon beaten and abused, her lover killed, but never broke has little interest in Rhiannon, but is completely loyal to Keita the Viper Eugenie – Dragon a Cadwaladr, daughter of Rhys not yet even 80 years old having an affair with a human, Duke Clemens Euthalia – Sea Dragon serves Empress Helena sorceress and healer helps save the life of Ghleanna the Decimator Eymund Reinholdt – Northlander oldest son of Sigmar Reinholdt, brother of Dagmar Reinholdt first wife killed in a raid by his uncle Jokull second wife Kikka vain and shallow wife Kikka known for sleeping with many other men tall and strapping, but not particularly bright Fal – Brown Dragon one of eight children, including brother Celyn and sisters Dera and Branwen considered to be one of the most useless of the Cadwaladr Clan known for his lusty ways stupid and basically useless sent to work the salt mines, where he gets fat and lazy Falke de Vitis, General second in command of Duke Roland Salebiri a powerful Knight of the Realm completely loyal follower of Chramnesind Fang of the Chosen – Eastland Dragon eldest daughter and second offspring of the Empress Xinyi direct descendant of the Chosen Dynasty sister of Zhi, Kang, Ju, Lei, and Ren a hunter black and dark red braided hair nearly to the floor Fannie a servant at Garbhan Isle around 40 years old, with a kind face personal assistant of Dagmar Reinholdt can be relied on in any situation calm, dignified and smart Fearghus the Destroyer (Black Dragon) – Dragon Actually oldest son of Queen Rhiannon and Bercelak the Great spent 100 years in solitude, trying to avoid the machinations of his family doesn’t really like anyone, either human or dragon considered by his own family to be rude and inconsiderate bored with most things that involve others deep, resonate voice tall and very powerful, with unparalleled skill with a sword around 300 years old tall and heavily muscled human form has long black hair and dark brown eyes mate of Annwyl the Bloody, Queen of Garbhan Isle father of Talan and Talwyn Feoras the Fighter – Green Dragon former lover of Ghleanna the Decimator jealous of Ghleanna’s skill in battle and the loyalty she commands from her troops insulted and mocked Ghleanna, embarrassing her in front of her family and soldiers wanted advancement and respect, but wouldn’t work for it called the fighter because he always fought to find a way to do as little as possible turned traitor and attacked Ghleanna and Bram green hair and golden eyes killed by Ghleanna the Decimator Ffraid – Blue Dragon middle daughter of Owena Fia – Kyvich Witch a Kyvich in training with Talwyn leaves the Kyvich with Talwyn and Gisa Finnbjorn the Callous – Dragon former opponent of Bercelak the Great captured one of Bercelak’s sisters Fionn a Colonel serving under Izzy the Dangerous Fragma from a tiny Ice Land village hides with her daughter to protect her from being taken by the Kyvich Franseza, Lady – Dragon cousin of Queen Rhiannon fled to the Quintilian Provinces when Rhiannon took the throne wife of Overlord Thracius, mother of Vateria poisoned by Keita at Castle Moor after she captured and tortured Esyld body returned to Thracius as a declaration of war Frederik Reinholdt – Northlander eighth-born son of Fridmar Reinholdt considered the family idiot, usually ignored and misunderstood as cunning as his aunt Dagmar, pretended to be stupid so he would be sent away sent to live with Dagmar Reinholdt by his family when he was 14 maintains the library at Garbhan isle, perfect photographic memory battle trains with Bercelak the Great handsome and fair skinned, with farsighted gray eyes 24 years old 6 foot 4 and broad shouldered Freida – Lightning Dragon aunt of Ragnar the Cunning and Vigholf the Vicious lost both and arm and a foot Fridmar Reinholdt – Northlander third born son of Sigmar Reinholdt, brother of Dagmar Reinholdt Fucinus famous jewellery maker has a shop in the heart of the Quintilian Provinces Gaius Lucius Domitus – Iron Dragon (Feel the Burn) rebel dragon king of the Septima Mountains in the West spent years trying to overthrow his uncle, Overlord Thracius takes the title of King rather than Overlord strong and battle-hardened, but fair twin sister Agrippina held and tortured by their cousin Vateria not even 200 years old allies with Annwyl against Thracius after she rescues his sister Agrippina had one of his grey eyes ripped out by his uncle when he was 12 blessed by both human and dragon magick by his mother when he was young a large dragon form with steel colored scales and long, steel colored hair long white horns curved nearly to his mouth mate of Kachka Shestakova Ganieda, Queen – White Dragon succeeded by daughter Princess Adienna grandmother of Rhiannon incredibly powerful and well-respected had been a battle mage for many years before she took the throne loved by her subjects beautiful, with clear blue eyes Gavrilovich Trifonov – Rider of the Steppes full name is Gavrilovich Trifonov of the Bear Hunters of the Heartless Clouds in the Far Reaches of the Steppes of the Outerplains Gestur Reinholdt – Northlander ally of brother Sigmar Reinholdt fights against brother Jokull Reinholdt Ghleanna the Decimator – Black Dragon (Dragon on Top) daughter of Ailean the Wicked and Shalin the Innocent sister of Addolgar, Bercelak and Rhys likes to fight, known for her fierce temper always ready for battle fights in human wars when dragons are at peace one of the most feared and decorated Dragonwarriors in centuries has the complete loyalty of her soldiers, made the rank of Major General spent years followed by her father’s reputation as a slag light freckles, short black hair sprinkled with gray and black eyes mate of Bram the Merciful mother of eight children, including Fal, Celyn the Charming, Dera and Branwen the Awful Gillivray – Blue Dragon an Elder in Queen Rhiannon’s Court a minor player in Overlord Thracius’ plot to remove Rhiannon from power believed Keita the Viper would be their puppet and turn against her mother planned to flee to the Quintilian Provinces captured by Vigholf the Vicious and Meinhard the Savage body given to Overlord Thracius as a declaration of war Gisa – Kyvich Witch taken from her mother’s home near the Western Mountains when she was barely 3 months old in Kyvich training with Talwyn a good warrior, but struggles with Magicks leaves the Kyvich with Talwyn and Fia Glebovicha Shestakova – Rider of the Steppes leader of the Black Bear Riders of the Midnight Mountains of Despair a feared and brutal tribal leader determined one day to be the Anne Atli, will do what she has to rise to power over 600 years old has 25 children including Elina and Kachka Shestakova sent daughter Elina Shestakova on a suicide mission to kill Queen Rhiannon made sure Elina had no respect or place in their tribe, found her weak and useless attacked Elina, slashing her face and costing her an eye unbelievably huge, with cold blue eyes Glendower son of Glewlwyd serves as a temporary Vassal of Garbhan Isle when Annwyl is off at war Glewlwyd father of Glendower Gobrien – Dragon father of Derowen the Silver Gorlas – Elf friend and mentor of Keita the Viper and Ren of the Chosen a spymaster has connections everywhere and knowledge about everyone unlike most elves, respects all creatures around a thousand years old, but looks maybe 35 Gormlaith, Lady – Gold Dragon mate of Lord Jarlath mother of Aidan the Divine, Ainmire, Harkin, Airmid, Orla and Cinnie cold and manipulative stunning despite her age long golden hair trailing on the floor behind her dead, cold eyes Gregor the Appalling – Dragon member of the Mi-runach has an intense love for his war hammer Grimhild the Vile – Lightning Dragon first mentioned in Dragon on Top Lightning warlord killed in battle by Ghleanna the Decimator, who wears his horns on her battle helm and his purple scales on her shield Gwenvael the Handsome – Gold Dragon (What a Dragon Should Know) fourth child of Queen Rhiannon and Bercelak the Great the most like his randy grandfather, Ailean the Wicked flirty and charming, doesn’t believe in discretion brilliant, but oblivious to others lives to torment others and cause trouble, doesn’t do well with boredom lost the tip of his tale while fighting with Fearghus as a child has the ability to change colors and blend into his surroundings shockingly beautiful, with thick golden blonde hair past his knees and gold eyes tall and muscled mate of Dagmar Reinholdt, The Beast father of seven children, including son Unvar, daughters Arlais and Seva Haldane – Nolwenn Witch disowned daughter Talaith after she became pregnant at 16 cold and unemotional grandmother of Izzy and Rhianwen daughter of Elisa lives in the desert city of Sefu dark brown eyes, curly brown hair and skin more than 400 years old, but shows no sign of age except for a few grey hairs Hamish Madron, Lord heir to the House of Madron arrogant and strutting, craves power blonde hair a nobleman who was to become the husband of Annwyl the Bloody serves the Goddess Arzhela used by Arzhela to hunt Talaith and to target Annwyl led his army in an attack on Garbhan Isle poisoned by Talaith, rotting body destroyed by Annwyl Harex – Demon personal guard and assistant of Demon Lord Phalet nearly ripped apart by Annwyl the Bloody Harkin – Dragon brother of Aidan the Divine, Ainmire, Airmid, Orla and Cinnie basically useless Harold first mentioned in Light My Fire a stonemason in Garbhan Isle working to build Annwyl’s tower Hefaidd-Hen – White Dragonwizard an incredibly powerful sorcerer and mercenary will do anything if the price is right pretends to serves as the advisor to Lorcan allied with the Lightning dragons uses Lorcan in his bid to overthrow Queen Rhiannon and take the throne a cold-blooded killer, unholy and evil almost skeletal dragon form, with maggot white skin no longer has protective scales after giving parts of himself to fuel his magicks eerie milky blue eyes killed by Fearghus and Morfyd Heledd – Blue Dragon daughter of Aledwen, sister of Delyth Helena – Sea Dragon Empress of the Sea Dragon empire conniving and controlling prides herself on the Sea Dragon superiority to other dragon races held Bram the Merciful hostage when he was young green-blue eyes Herleif – Lightning Dragon a Lighting dragon of the Torbjorn Horde lover of Lady Katarina Heru VII, King – Sand Dragon king of the Sand Dragons rescues Izzy from an attack from traitorous Sand Dragons brown scales with a bronze overlay vibrant green eyes Hew – Black Dragon Hulda – Kyvich Witch Inessa Kolesova – Rider of the Steppes sister of Nika, Oksana and Zoya Kolesova comes to Garbhan Isle to find an honorable death fighting under Annwyl brash personality, considered annoying by their own people over 700 years old dark blonde and grey wildly curly braided hair and blue eyes freakishly huge, almost giant in size killed in battle with the Zealots Iseabail see Izzy the Dangerous Ivan Khoruzhaya – Rider of the Steppes brother of Yelena Khoruzhaya excellent tracker and hunter one of the warriors who fights with Kachka Shestakova against the cults of Chramnesind because he is male, has little respect within his tribe Ivanova Shestakova – Rider of the Steppes cousin of Elina and Kachka Shestakova the chosen favorite and second in command of tribe leader Glebovicha Shestakova tall and strong, large even by dragon standards one of the best warriors in the tribe, brilliant with both a sword and a bow has 12 husbands and 18 children Izzy (Isebail) the Dangerous – Nolwenn/Human (How to Drive a Dragon Crazy) daughter of Talaith and Sethos, father died before she was born claimed by Briec the Mighty as his own daughter has the blood and life-span of a Nolwenn witch, but none of the magical ability taken from her mother as a newborn, used as leverage to control Talaith by the Goddess Arzhela held by Lord Madron as a child, spent 9 years on the run with her four protectors forced to give her loyalty to Rhydderch Hael to save her mother when she was 16 nearly fearless and completely bold good humored, constantly chattering and laughing freakishly strong and quite clumsy unless she is in battle progressed from soldier to Squire for Annwyl to General in only 10 years commander of the Eighth, Fourteenth and Twenty Sixth Legions big and incredibly strong, scarred from years of war tall and muscled, with rich brown skin short, wavy light brown hair and light brown eyes wears her mating mark from the base of her right foot to her right breast mate of Eibhear the Contemptible Jack Jarlath, Lord – Gold Dragon mate of Lady Gormlaith father of Aidan the Divine, Ainmire, Harkin, Airmid, Orla and Cinnie paranoid and insane, belives the walls talk to him considers himself as king of his own territory rather than a subject of Rhiannon’s gold hair streaked with silver and gold eyes Jenna Jesella – Kyvich Witch one of the Kyvich stationed at Garbhan Isle Johann – Northlander dog training assistant of Dagmar Reinholdt a subject of Sigmar Reinholdt prefers the company of animals to humans Jokull – Northlander son of Dechard Reinholdt determined to claim the lands of Sigmar Reinholdt responsible for the death of his nephew Eymund Reinholdt’s first wife favorite son Uddo killed by Dagmar Reinholdt when she was a young teenager follows no code but his own smug and pompous creating a vast army, has several truces with other warlords so he can focus on fighting his brother Jonathan Jorgesson – Ice Land Dragon leader of the Ice Land Dragons bright white wings, white and silver hair white spikes from his head to the end of his tail killed by Eibhear and his squad of Mi-runach Ju of the Chosen – Eastland Dragon second daughter and fourth-born offspring of the Empress Xinyi sister of Zhi, Kang, Fang, Lei, and Ren a warrior Julius a baker in a small village outside Madron married with a young son Junius Bato Toranius – Iron Dragon/Mage a powerful mage from the House of Toranius one of the most powerful dragons in the Quintilian Provinces, second in rank only to Overlord Thracius patient and cunning devoted to protecting his lover, Vateria Flominia faithful servant of Chramnesind Kachka Shestakova – Rider of the Steppes (Feel the Burn) full name is Kachka Shestakova of the Black Bear Riders of the Midnight Mountains of Despair in the Far Reaches of the Steppes of the Outerplains one of the 25 children of tribal leader Glebovicha Shestakova older sister of Elina Shestakova, always defended her from attack from the rest of their tribe leaves her home for Garbhan Isle when Elina is forced to flee a skilled warrior, brilliant with a bow likes to fight, highly skilled in battle and brilliant with a bow and arrow tasked with Annwyl to find and destroy the troops of Duke Salebiri becomes known as the Scourge of the Gods 154 years old battle scarred on her face and neck long white blonde hair and bright blue eyes mate of Gaius Domitus Kafele – Sand Dragon head Magi and close confidant of King Heru VII Kang of the Chosen – Eastland Dragon second son and third-born offspring of the Empress Xinyi brother of Zhi, Fang, Ju, Lei, and Ren Katarina, Lady – Gold Dragon father Lord Berg controls a vast army basically a well treated hostage in the court of Queen Adienna, used to keep her father in line was part of her own kidnapping plot arranged by Elder Emyr made a deal with Emyr so she could escape to be with her lover, the Lighting dragon Herleif poisons and kills Emyr, his sons Afanen and Meical, and all of his troops when they betray her petite and delicate, seems frail by dragon standards sweet, polite and charming long golden hair and light gold eyes Keita the Viper – Red Dragon (Last Dragon Standing) youngest daughter and fifth child of Queen Rhiannon and Bercelak the Great around 200 years old favorite child of Bercelak, but doesn’t get along with her mother a protector of the throne for over a century has killed at least two of Rhiannon’s siblings who moved against the throne well trained spy and assassin, has been very successful at tracking and eliminating threats to the throne has fought with Morfyd since birth, but still very protective of her looks sweet and innocent, but is smart and cunning destined to one day be Queen of the Southlands acts dim-witted and flighty, always underestimated by others lives in the moment, doesn’t hold grudges does what she wants, when she wants, and doesn’t care what almost anyone else thinks both dragon and human forms are petite and delicate looking long red hair and dark brown eyes light sprinkling of freckles across her nose mate of Ragnar the Cunning, mother of 12 offspring Kel – Dragon first appearance in a Tale of Two Dragons a member of the Cadwaladr Clan cousin of Bercelak, Addolgar and Ghleanna Kennis – Dragon daughter of Deniela, cousin of Ailean the Wicked one of the legendary Cadwaladr twins, among the greatest battle dragons ever known for the bloody swath they cut through the Northland Dragons feared by their own people as much as their enemies has 14 older brothers short tempered and likes bloodshed such good warriors because they like to kill and hate to lose always moves and fights in tandem with her twin, Kyna only got more dangerous with age both twins mated to another set of dragon twins Kesslene – Dragon first mentioned in Dragon Actually from the Court of Queen Rhiannon killed by Fearghus after she made a crass remark about his and Annwyl’s mating Kikka Reinholdt – Northlander second wife of Eymund Reinholdt, daughter in law of Sigmar Reinholdt lives in the Reinholdt fortress in the Northlands jealous and petty, has spent years belittling and mocking sister-in-law Dagmar Reinholdt has many lovers other than her husband, including the stablemaster Valtemar beautiful, but vain and stupid Kleitos – Sea Dragon Chancellor of the Sea Dragons under Empress Helena tortured Bram the Merciful when he was held captive by the Sea dragons hated by his troops shark-like fangs Kyna – Dragon always moves and fights in tandem with her twin, Kennis Laetitia Clydia Domitus – Iron Dragon aunt of Gaius and Agrippina Domitus small in stature, but very stron a power behind the scenes Lagertha – Northlander a serving girl in Reinholdt fortress pretty but lusty rebuffed when she tries to seduce Gwenvael the Handsome Lailoken – Red Dragon Laudaricus Parthenius serves under Overlord Thracius human ruler of the Quintilian Provinces leader of the Soverigns, has hundreds of legions at his command son Varro Marius Parthenius the second in command of Gaius Lucius Dominus killed by Annwyl Layla Captain in Sefu’s Imperial Guard a strong and powerful woman tall and imposing curly brown hair worn in warrior braids daughter of General Maskini, older sister of Sethos aunt of Izzy the Dangerous Lei of the Chosen – Eastland Dragon youngest daughter and fifth-born offspring of the Empress Xinyi sister of Zhi, Kang, Fang, Ju, and Ren Lofal – Dragon aging and blind Lolly first mentioned in The Dragon Who Loved Me battlefield apprentice of Morfyd the White from a small town in the Southlands owner of a clothing store a friend of Celyn the Charming Loran, Elder – Dragon a member of Queen Rhiannon’s court sent to kill Bram the Merciful and start a war killed by Branwen the Awful, Ghlenna the Decimator and the Cadwaladrs Lorcan former ruler of Garbhan Isle, known as The Butcher brutal and controlling, hated all women spent years tormenting and abusing his half sister, Annwyl fast, brutal and skilled with a blade known for his blinding rages obsessed with his need to kill Annwyl rules his people through brutality and fear back scarred from beatings from his father Mabsant served as assistant of Dagmar Reinholdt for 8 years tries to kill Dagmar Reinholdt to start a war taken down by Dagmar and Gwenvael’s youngest daughters killed by Dagmar Reinholdt Macsen battle dog of Izzy the Dangerous usually dirty and smelly, but completely loyal found barely alive by Izzy the Dangerous when he was just a pup a battle dog of the Desert people absolutely loyal to his last breath missing part of his left ear and blind in one eye freakishly large and very strong Madenn human servant of Ailean the Wicked, family served for generations sturdy and cheerful deeply loyal Madock, Lord a human nobleman who believes the dragon/human children are abominations targeted for death by Keita the Viper and Dagmar Reinholdt Maecius, General second in command of Overlord Thracius Maelona – Green Dragon younger sister of Ghleanna, Addolgar, Rhys, and Bercelak not like the rest of the Cadwaladrs, interested more in healing than fighting kind and sweet extremely pretty in her human form black eyes and dark green hair has 18 offspring Magdalina Fyodorov – Rider of the Steppes sister and second in command of the current Anne Atli strong and dangerous in her own right Magnus, Brother trains with Talan in the Far Mountains dropped at the doorstep of the Brotherhood when he was barely two 29 years old leaves the Brotherhood with Talan Marcellus – Iron Dragon a member of Agrippina’s personal guard tries to kill Agrippina in his God’s name killed by Agrippina Marcus burly and strong a blacksmith for Annwyl’s army Margh – Dragon an Elder in Queen Rhiannon’s court Margo first mentioned in Feel the Burn leader of the kitchen staff of Garbhan Isle Marina Aleksandrovna – Rider of the Steppes a solid fighter, but questions the way of life of the tribe green eyes Maris – Iron Dragon a member of the Praetorian Guard serves Gaius Domitus killed by followers of Chramnesind Mary a barmaid lives in a village on the road to the Northlands friends with Addolgar Maskini, General commander of the army for the city of Sefu mother of guard Captain Layla and Sethos grandmother of Izzy the Dangerous wife of Zachariah Meical – Dragon brother of Braith of the Darkness and Afanen handsome but stupid, blindly follows the orders of his father Emyr Meihui, Lady – Witch leader of Heaven’s Destroyers, a coven of Eastland witches a human warrior witch, born of human parents centuries old, sent to Heaven’s Destroyers before she turned 13 tall, with shoulder-length black hair threaded with gray and red strands light brown skin and cat-like brown eyes Meinhard the Savage – Lightning Dragon part of the Northlands Olgeirsson Horde cousin to Ragnar the Cunning and Vigholf the Vicious extremely loyal and good in battle mentored Eibhear the Contemptible during his time training in the Northlands large and heavily muscled long purple hair to the middle of his back green eyes and a brutal scar from his hairline to below his eye Mer’lle – Priestess Miles works for Baron Roscommon part of the crew that murdered the dragon Costentyn and stole his horde Mingxia – Goddess Eastland Goddess of War and Love dragon form has a tiger shaped head, long dragon body with no wings row after row of fangs and dark eyes trains Annwyl and Talwyn for battle human form has a beautiful face and long black hair reaching the floor dark brown eyes wears leather and steel armor Morfyd the White – White Dragonwitch oldest daughter and third child of Queen Rhiannon and Bercelak the Great very strong abilities, heir to her mother’s magickal power could easily destroy an entire kingdom, but has immense control loves gossip and intrigue has fought with Keita since she was born, but still very protective of her a healer, spent many years living among humans becomes the Counsel of Annwyl after she takes the throne of Garbhan Isle battle mage and vassal to the armies of the Dark Plains has a brutal scar on one side of her face, marked as a witch by order of Lorcan looks to be around 30 years old tall and astoundingly beautiful long white hair and intense, almond-shaped blue eyes mate of Brastias Muiredach – Dragon brother of Queen Rhiannon fled to the Northland Mountains after Rhiannon killed their mother and became Queen pushed off a mountain to his death by Keita because he posed a threat to the throne Nannulf – War God takes the form of a massive wolf companion of the War Goddess Eirianwen gives the Chain of Beathag to Dagmar Reinhold, extending her life for hundreds of years guides Annwyl the Bloody in her war against Overlord Thracius Neish, Baron a human noble from Annwyl’s lands his city is a target of the Chramnesind cults Nergui the Knowing – Rider from the Dark Mountain Tribes in the Eastlands an elder tribesman Nesta – Dragon identical triplet sister of Edana and Breena Nika Kolesova – Rider of the Steppes sister of Inessa, Oksana and Zoya Kolesova Nina Chechneva – Rider of the Steppes/Witch called The Unclaimed because no tribe will have her disowned by her own tribe 200 years ago, held as a prisoner with other tribes because of her Dark powers nearly killed by her own mother as a child, given up to the Shamans of the tribe sees and knows things others don’t, has unique powers filled with rage and hate, uses her anger to fuel her spells feeds on the souls of those they defeat in battle 336 years old dark, cold eyes and long dark hair hides her beauty to make herself more terrifying Odda – Kyvich Witch sly and mean, usually wearing a fake smile big and burly contemptuous of Annwyl and Garbhan Isle challenges Annwyl’s authority over Talwyn killed by Queen Rhiannon Oissine – Dragon fled to Alsandair after Rhiannon killed their mother and became Queen believed to have died from food poisoning hired assassins to kill Rhiannon poisoned by Keita because he posed a threat to the throne Oksana Kolesova – Rider of the Steppes sister of Nika, Inessa and Zoya Kolesova Olezka Tyushnaykov- Rider of the Steppes from the Outerplains in the time of the first Anne Atli a large and incredibly strong warrior his only weakness was kittens, had hundreds of them around his hut laid waste to an entire region when his kittens and his many wives were killed by his brother Olgeir the Wastrel – Lightning Dragon Northland dragon warlord leader of the Olgeirsson Horde, known for capturing females from other clans has a deep hatred for Rhiannon, wants the destruction of the Southland Queen kidnapped and force-mated Davon the Elegant declared war on Queen Rhiannon a centry ago, but was unsuccessful controls the Outerplains, unhappily upholds the truce between the Lightning and Southland Dragons loyal only to himself has 19 sons, including Ragnar the Cunning and Vigholf the Vicious killed by Izzy the Dangerous and Talaith, Daughter of Haldane Oliver, Brother – Monk from the Brotherhood of the Far Mountains believes the Dragon/Human children are abominations Olver, Brother – Monk had been based in Spikenhammer last leader of the Order of the Warhammer Orla – Gold Dragon youngest daughter of Jarlath and Gormlaith sister of Aidan the Divine, Ainmire, Harkin, Airmid and Cinnie only close to Aidan, wanted to leave home with him when he did but was too young very beautiful, but sweet and shy and a little sad wide brown eyes and long golden hair Owena – Blue Dragon clan healer sister of Crystin and Aledwen Peg Petur, Brother – Monk belongs to an order that preaches tolerance over war Phalet, Lord – Demon lord of his own level of Hell captured Annwyl, trapped her in Hell long, pointed ears and fangs killed by Annwyl the Bloody, his army taken over Picton, Duke associate of Bram the Merciful Pombray, Lord father of Lord Albrecht comes to Garbhan Isle to capture Rhianwen killed by Talan and Talwyn Pyrs, Baron a human noble in Queen Annwyl’s lands Rachel from the desertland city of Sefu granddaughter of General Maskini and Zachariah cousin of Izzy the Dangerous Ragnar the Cunning – Lightning Dragon (Last Dragon Standing) 8th born son of Olgeir the Wastrel and Davon the Elegant brother of Vigholf the Vicious left with his uncle when he was 10, didn’t see his father again until he was almost 90 fought and plotted against his father for centuries because he wanted a better life for their people became Dragonlord Chief of all the Hordes after the death of his father spent years traveling the Northlands as a Monk from the Order of the Warhammer smart and educated both a vicious fighter and a brilliant thinker fair and smart, a good leader for his people trained in combat, weaponry, survival tactics and warfare spellcasting highly skilled dragonmage of great power, both a warrior and a mage grew very close to Dagmar Reinhold when she was a child, brought her books and information elegant and refined, unlike most Northlanders around 250 years old very handsome, with sharp cheekbones and full lips vivid blue eyes with specks of silver and long purple hair bonded with Keita the Red Viper, father of 12 offspring Ralphie served as squire for Annwyl fat and a bit lazy Reganach, Elder – Dragon killed by the Cadwaladrs Ren of the Chosen – Eastland Dragon best friend of Keita the Viper, but friends with all of the Royals youngest son of Empress Xinyi of the Eastland has traveled with Keita the Viper for years a very powerful mage, able to vanish in an instant, open portals rational and smart, with instincts that are never wrong odd, wingless dragon form with a slender body and a black and gold mane of fur from his head to his tail beautiful, smart and devious no horns or talons, but fur-covered claws like on a jungle cat seems to float rather than fly human form is handsome and strong, with straight black hair tipped in gold Rhiannon, Queen – White Dragonwitch (Chains and Flames) oldest daughter and heir of Queen Adienna, granddaughter of Queen Ganieda loathed and feared by her mother, who has always wanted her dead loved and protected by her father, who was taken by the Iron Dragons and crucified magic bound by her mother for years, making her believe she was weak incredibly powerful after she is freed from her mother’s spell from the time she was young, was considered the meanest royal in the Southlands never wanted to mate, spent years alone at her den Bercelak chosen to be her mate by her mother in hopes he would destroy her lifelong friendship with Bram the Merciful killed her mother Adienna and claimed the throne long white hair and intense crystal blue eyes mate marked from her neck to her feet mate of Bercelak the Great mother of Fearghus, Briec, Morfyd, Gwenvael, Keita and Eibhear Rhianwen – Dragon/Nolwenn Witch daughter of Briec the Mighty and Talaith, Daughter of Haldane younger sister of Iseabail the Dangerous even as a baby, seemed sweet but somber and serious all the time very deep, seems to peer into everyone’s soul artistic and girly, inherently innocent and good seems completely human, but has almost unequaled magic power will one day perhaps surpass Rhiannon’s power incredibly close connection to cousins Talan and Talwyn, the light to their darker side has the highly developed senses of a dragon goes to the Nolwenn to learn to control her powers incredibly beautiful, with long curly brown hair with a shock of white bright violet eyes and light brown skin Rhona the Fearless – Brown Dragon (The Dragon Who Loved Me) oldest daughter of Bradana the Mutilator and Sulien the Blacksmith basically raised her younger siblings while her mother was off at war older sister of Delen the Blue and triplets Edana, Nesta and Breena just over 200 years old loyal, competent Sergeant in the Royal army has no ambition to rise in the military ranks, true calling to be a blacksmith like her father incredibly stubborn and protective of those she cares about calm and controlled, unlike most of the Cadwaladr Clan able to either breathe fire or spew lava has some skill with alchemy leaves her position in the Royal army to lead her own forge in the Northlands pretty dark brown eyes and shoulder-length brown hair has her mate-mark on her back mate of Vigholf the Abhorrent Rhydderch Hael – God of Dragons father of all dragons, one of the oldest gods in the world a massive black dragon, larger than any other dragon talons as big as a person, several rows of huge fangs 12 horns on his massive head bright violet eyes, long black hair streaked with a multitude of colors targeted by the other gods who crave his immense power protected Iseabail for years, taught her to read and write killed the Goddess Arzhela in Talaith’s body bargained with Iseabail to bring Talaith back alive from Arzhela’s realm chose Fearghus and Annwyl to become the parents to the first human/dragon children planned to take newborn twins Talan and Talwyn to raise himself after he left Annwyl to die mate of the Dragon Goddess Eirianwen Rhys the Hammer third-born son of Ailean the Wicked and Shalin the Innocent brother of Ghleanna, Bercelak and Addolgar known for his skill in decorating patient but deadly in battle, favors a war-hammer happily mated to his perfect she-dragon father of several offspring, including daughter Eugenie Richard a stablehand at Garbhan Isle Robert quiet and scholarly called Old Robert young son of Garbhan Isle blacksmith Stenam around 10 years old Robert, Father – Monk leader of the Brotherhood of the Far Mountains seems soft and comforting, but has a will of iron taught Talan for over 10 years, but believes the Dragon/Human children are abominations Roland Salebiri, Duke ruler of the city of Levenz of the Outerplains brother of Priestess Abertha and Thoms Salebiri takes his power from worshiping the God Chramnesind believes he has greater power than he does brilliant battle strategist determined to overthrow Annwyl and rule all of the Southlands in Chramnesind’s name supported by a vast army of Chramnesind worshippers called Zealots plans to kill those whose death would cause war, targets Agrippina, Bram, and Bercelak husband of Lady Ageltrude (Vateria Flominia) father of Benedetto Salebiri killed by Annwyl the Bloody and her demon army Roscommon, Baron a noble from the lands of Annwyl ordered his men to murder Constentyn so they could steal his horde taken from his castle by Addolgar, brought to Garbhan Isle to face justice for treason Saamik – Northlander grew up on the lands of Sigmar Reinholdt left home with Dagmar Reinholdt’s help rather than marry the man her family had chosen for her works in an exclusive dress-shop in Spikenhammer gives Dagmar Reinholdt valuable information she overhears mother of a young son named Geoff Sally an older resident of Garbhan Isle Samuel a young servant at Garbhan Isle squire for Izzy the Dangerous usually put-upon and annoyed forced into the military by his father when he was only 9 Scrilis – Demon General in the army of Demon Lord Phalet Sethos from the city of Sefu the first love of Talaith, Daughter of Haldane killed in battle before his daughter Izzy the Dangerous was born son of General Maskini and Zachariah Seva – Dragon/Human third born child of Gwenvael and Dagmar Reinholdt sister of Unvar, Thora and Arlais oldest of “Gwenvael’s Five” although very young, is both powerful and dangerous golden haired and beautiful Shalin the Innocent – Gold Dragon (Can’t Get Enough) quiet and studios member of the Royal family very close to her parents, lived a life of study mother died when she was 30, father Baudwin the Wise a respected scholar great niece of Brigida the Foul lifelong hatred of Queen Adienna always seems timid and shy, but has a fierce temper when roused sent away to study alchemy among the humans knows many spells, but not exactly a witch concerned with others more than herself used to being in the shadows, has always done what is expected of her small for a dragoness, uses brains rather than brawn to survive golden hair and intense golden eyes light dusting of freckles wears her small mate mark on her lower back mate of Ailean the Wicked Siarl – Dragon an elder in Queen Rhiannon’s Court loyal to the throne Sigmar Reinholdt – Northlander prominent landowner from the Northlands 18th born of Dechard Reinholdt, killed his own father earned his lands when he was only 17 enemy of brother Jokull Reinholdt has 13 children, 12 boys and Dagmar Reinholdt short but powerfully built rough and brutish, but cares deeply for his family and his people Simon, Brother – Monk from the Order of the Shining Suns based in Fenella very gossipy, but a great source of knowledge a contact of Ragnar the Cunning Sinclair DeLaval, Lord a patron of Castle Moor had a one-night stand with Keita the Viper needy and desperate, determined to get Keita back poisoned and killed by Keita the Viper when he tries to forcibly claim her Soaic – Dragon former lover of Rhiannon badly scarred hindquarter from a fight with Bercelak Stenam a blacksmith in Garbhan Isle father of Robert Styrbjorn the Loathsome – Lightning Dragon cousin of Ragnar the Cunning and Vigholf the Vicious from a territory near the Iceland border former ruler of the Borderlands after his death, succeeded by his son Styrbjorn the Revolting Styrbjorn the Revolting – Lightning Dragon succeeded his father Styrbjorn the Loathsome as ruler of the Borderlands worked with Overlord Thracius in a plot against Queen Rhiannon Sulien the Blacksmith – Volcano Dragon mate of Bradana the Mutilator raised in a volcano near the salt mines in the Black Mountains father of Rhona the Fearless, Delen the Blue, and identical triplets Edana, Nesta and Breena works in the forges at Garbhan Isle for Annwyl’s army uncomplicated but easily annoyed antagonistic relationship with Bercelak the Great able to create incredible weapons for both humans and dragons has skill with alchemy raised his children while his mate was away at war for years at a time spews lava rather than breathe fire large, black dragon form with a red tinge to his scales brown eyes Taffia assistant of Morfyd Talaith, Daughter of Haldane – Nolwenn Witch (About a Dragon) originally from Alisandair, but lived for 16 years in a small village outside Madron first love was a soldier who died in battle cast out by her mother Haldane after she got pregnant at 16 newborn daughter Iseabail taken by the Priestesses of the goddess Arzhela to use as leverage married for 16 years, husband led a lynch mob that tried to kill her learned long ago to trust no one powers bound by the goddess Arzhela, spent years living in fear of what she would have to do highly trained assassin, skilled in poisons was always a rebel, fought against the restrictions of Nolwenn life since the beginning sent by Arzhela to kill Annywl often speaks before she thinks, gets herself in trouble small and dainty, but by no means helpless soft brown skin big brown eyes, and curly waist-length dark brown hair mate mark across her back mate of Briec the Mighty Talan – Dragon/Human son of Annwyl the Bloody and Fearghus the Destroyer incredibly close connection to twin sister Talwyn and cousin Rhianwen human in looks, but more advanced and quicker to develop physically human, but dragon in spirit grew at an abnormally fast rate, looks almost three months old just days after being born incredibly dangerous since they were small children, feared by many has the ability to re-animate dead animals grows up to be almost unbelievably handsome, tall and heavily muscled left Garbhan Isle to be trained with a brotherhood of Monks in Magicks will lead the Army of the Abominations against the cult of Chramnesind doesn’t like being in charge, but accepts it when necessary brown hair with light brown streaks, coal black eyes Talwyn – Dragon/Human daughter of Annwyl the Bloody and Fearghus the Destroyer twin sister of Talan incredibly close connection to twin brother Talan and cousin Rhianwen tall and strong, with the natural fighting skills of a seasoned warrior claimed by the Kyvich, goes with them to study and train very skilled in both battle and magick, has control over plants and growing things full of tightly controlled rage, like her mother grows up to be very beautiful, but usually scruffy and unkempt pitch black hair worn in warrior braids and bright green eyes usually scowling with a perpetual glare Tatyana Shestakova – Rider of the Steppes cousin and member of the same tribe as Elina and Kachka Shestakova as a fascination for Southland ways smart and curious, good at information gathering more than fighting Teithi – Dragon Terence Terlack – Dragon an old dragon with only one wing Tevkel – Rider of the Steppes had six husbands and multiple children lost her arm and part of her hip in battle, but was still respected and feared Theodoric – Lightning Dragon one of the 19 sons of Tinig younger brother Erdmann killed by Kyna more liberal than the rest of his family a good, solid fighter tall and beautiful sharp blue eyes and purple hair Thomas, Baron a noble in Queen Annwyl’s lands Thomas Salebiri brother of Duke Roland Salebiri and Priestess Abertha killed by Annwyl after he insulted Dagmar Reinholdt Thora – Dragon/Human youngest child of Gwenvael and Dagmar Reinholdt sister of Unvar, Seva and Arlais youngest of “Gwenvael’s Five” just turned 8 years old golden haired and beautiful, with golden eyes Thracius, Overlord – Iron Dragon despotic ruler of the Iron Dragons responsible for the capture and crucifixion of Queen Rhiannon’s father has spent decades plotting to remove Rhiannon from power, wants control of the Southland throne a brutal ruler, leader of the entire Soverign Empire guided by the God Chramnesind in his war against Annwyl father of Vateria and Columella uncle of twins Agrippina and Gaius Lucius Domitus killed by Eibhear the Contemptible Tinig – Lightning Dragon father of 19 sons, including Theodoric and Erdmann lost an eye in a battle with Ailean the Wicked tried to buy Shalin the Innocent from Princess Adienna Tryggvi, Lord human ruler of Spikenhammer unpleasant and arrogant, but an excellent warrior Tyrus Gabinius from the House of Gabinius a Senator in the Iron Dragon court member of an important human family in the Quintilian Soverigns Uddo Reinholdt – Northlander favorite son of Jokull Reinholdt mockingly gave cousin Dagmar Reinholdt the nickname The Beast punches Dagmar Reinholdt in the face after she stops him from accosting a servant killed by Dagmar Reinholdt’s dogs Unvar “Var” Reinholdt – Dragon/Human oldest child and only son of Dagmar Reinholdt and Gwenvael the Handsome brother of Arlais, Thora and Seva as beautiful as Gwenvael, but as brilliant as Dagmar wise beyond his years, studied and well-read unique powers of his own full of a deep down, hidden rage he controls with sheer force of will intensely arrogant, always believes he is right close to his mother, but ashamed by his father longs for peace and quiet away from his rowdy family well over 6 feet tall, with shoulder-length golden hair and gray eyes Uther the Despicable – Brown Dragon one of the Mi-runach, serves in Eibhear’s squad cranky and snarling easily bored, often oblivious of what is going on around him Valdis Reinholdt – Northlander second born son of Sigmar Reinholdt, brother of Dagmar Reinholdt Valtemar stable-master for Sigmar Reinholdt in the Northlands well paid and respected lover of Kikka Reinholdt Varro Marius Parthenius son of Laudaricus Parthenius best friend and second in command of Gaius Lucius Dominus fights against his father and Overlord Thracius Vass, Elder – Dragon Vateria Flominia – Iron Dragon eldest daughter of Overlord Thracius enjoys the torture of others, as cruel as her father worshiper of the God Chramnesind, The Sightless One flees to the desert lands after her father is overthrown determined to regain control of the Provinces cold and filled with hatred steel-colored dragon form, with white horns that curl towards her mouth beautiful, with long silver hair takes the name Lady Ageltrude, become the wife of Duke Roland Salebiri physically altered by Chramnesind, grows countless tentacles in both human and dragon form row after row of fangs believes she and her unholy children will bring the downfall of Annwyl and the Abominations wants to destroy Rhiannon and take control of the dragon world completely devoted to her oldest son, Benedetto Salebiri killed by Brigida the Foul, who absorbs her life-force Vigholf the Abhorrent – Lightning Dragon (The Dragon Who Loved Me) son of Olgeir the Wastrel and Davon the Elegant younger brother of Ragnar the Cunning supports his brother Ragnar, serves as his second in command favorite weapon a war hammer protective and determined to keep those he loves safe tall and muscular purple dragon form dark grey eyes and a brutal scar across his jaw mate of Rhona the Fearless Vincent – Sand Dragon a zealot in the cult of Charmnesind lives in the sewers under Sefu killed by Izzy the Dangerous Winsley, Duke an important human leader pompous and boring small and weak looking, with an excessively long nose Xing, Lord – Eastland Dragon fighting to overthrow his sister, Empress Xinyi, to control the Eastland throne holds Ren hostage, trying to force his sister to abdicate tried several times to have Keita the Red Viper killed allied with Duke Roland Salebiri defeated by Empress Xinyi in battle Xinyi, Empress – Eastland Dragon ruler of the Eastland Dragons, releated by direct bloodline to the Chosen Dynasty a very powerful shamaness in battle with her brother Xing for the throne mother of Zhi, Fang, Kang, Ju, Lei, and Ren completely devoted to Ren, the favorite of her children long black hair, dark brown eyes dragon form has golden scales, black and gold fur has antlers instead of horns, long whiskers protruding from her nose face like a striped jungle cat, fire-like eyes Yelena Khoruzhaya – Rider of the Steppes sister of Ivan Khoruzhaya Yeow, Mistress – Eastland Dragon mate of Lord Xing Yrjan given by his father to the Order of Knowledge as a child lacked the strength and skill of his brothers, but was always smart had always been a weak, easy target of his family, but found safety with the Order has worked at the Great Library of Spikenhammer since he was 14 Zachariah father of Sethos and Layla, grandfather of Izzy the Dangerous son of Zarah a blacksmith in the city of Sefu kind and loving very short grey hair, heavily muscled arms light brown eyes husband of General Maskini Zarah great grandmother of Izzy the Dangerous grandmother of Sethos and Layla mother of Zacharia former commander general of Sefu’s Imperial Guard, served for 30 years battle-scarred, missing three fingers Zhi of the Chosen – Eastland Dragon eldest son and first-born offspring of the Empress Xinyi brother of Fang, Kang, Ju, Lei, and Ren smart and scholarly, considering becoming a monk Zoya Kolesova – Rider of the Steppes full name is Zoya Kolesova of the Mountain Movers of the Lands of Pain in the Far Reaches of the Steppes of the Outerplains unlike most Riders, is jovial and good natured has no desire for power, just likes to fight and have a good time incredibly large and freakishly strong, almost giant able to literally move mountains and punch through stone bigger and stronger than even dragon males, but the smallest of her siblings sister of Nika, Inessa and Oksana Kolesova has 147 children, excessive for even the Daughters of the Steppes.

Dragon king of the world novel

I know I am really late but I wanna contact mine via pendulum for the first time (I love rose quartz) and I was wondering how to ask it/invite my mon-tey into my space.


I love drgaonfeather so much! 🌹💐 you are such a inspiration. especially because Im legit sitting in my room in the dark trying to find something good to watch and then I saw your notification. 😁😆🤩 (you can then guess what happened. Dragon king mahjong game. Dragon kin book series. Dragon king of the world chapter 88. Dragon kin d&d. Dragon king games. Dragonkin name generator. You help me with my spirituality so much ❤️. Lovely video! Loved the makeup too! 💕🐉.

Dragon kiné. Dragon king of the world chapter 87. Oh that makes it easier, my Mon Tey as a kid was Puff the Magick Dragon. Is it possible that I have already met my mon-tey? As a kid, I always felt like there was someone there, a dragon. I have always felt drawn to dragons. Maybe that entity was my mon-tey. Dragonkin laboratory runescape.

SO nice to see you! ThankYOU for being YOU & making this presentation, sharing a glimpse of your personal process, journey, metamorphosis. 💜. Dragon kings daughter new albany. Dragon king of the world. When I get freaked out I shout, but my shout sounds like a dog wine. Dragon kin woman surgery. Dragon kin anvil. Dragon kin mausoleum. Dragon king onaga. Half dragon kin. Dragon king rocks. Dragon king. Dragon king vancouver wa. 15:23 loved that 🐉. Average rating 3. 95 · 23, 559 ratings 1, 400 reviews | Start your review of Dragon Actually (Dragon Kin, #1) Impromptu buddy reread with my MacHalo Freaks And the moral of this reread is: yes, dragons still do it better. And no, nothing beats bloodthirsty, batshit crazy warrior princesses. Nothing. Well Kate Daniels probably does, but she doesn't count. It wouldn't be fair on her fellow fictional characters. Anyway, I've decided that if I can't be Kate Daniels or Shanti when I grow up, I'll be Annwyl the Bloody. Why? Because this: “ Do you not listen to our daily meetings about the state of your lands?.. It's so embarrassingly delightful when a book I've mentally marked as nothing but porn manages to completely stun and amaze me. Make no mistake, Dragon Actually is mostly fictional porn. But it's also a sweet, funny, and lovable story about a grumpy alpha dragon and his vicious yet vulnerable mate. And since it's been ages since I've made a list-review, allow me to make one now. Dragon Actually managed to catch me off-guard by: 1. Making me laugh-out-loud (for real) after every other scene,.. This book is funny. Like beware of reading it in public because you will look crazy by cracking up out loud- funny. Nobody wants to look that crazy... We have Annwyl the Bloody as our heroine. She meets the dragon, Fearghus the Destroyer, as she is lopping off heads of the enemy soldiers and dying herself. Fearghus saves Annwyl's life and she is living in his cave while she recuperates. Apparently, it's a nice cave, as far as cave's go. Feargus even sets her up with a bedroom, and there's an.. This series, this series... I love Annwyl!!! Just LOVE her. She is so crazy, stubborn, snarky and fearless. She has no brain-to-mouth filter, something that I find very attractie to my heroines. She is such a badass and she keeps getting crazier as the books progress. Fearghus is good as well. All hot and powerful but Annwyl steals the show IMO. Found this pic somewhere... This book is awesome, at least I believe it is. Full of funny moments and action, without any angst and turmoil and all that.. 3. 25 stars As cringe-worthy as that cover is, it does a good job of depicting what this book contains. Chesticles. Male chesticles. Male DRAGON chesticles. All up in this mofo. Because dragons are allergic to clothing. I somehow missed that this book contains two totally different story lines. The first 60% focuses on one couple, and then BOOM, a second couple is introduced. Whereas the first couple have an actual story arc (which is filled with hilarity as well as hawt schmex), the second.. Meet Annwyl The Bloody Her past times include chopping off people's heads...... reading books “Not everything can involve bloodshed, Annwyl. ” “Can’t you come get me when there is bloodshed? Otherwise just leave me alone to read. ” Bloodshed, books, or nothing! Finally a heroine with guts, wits, morals, and brains!! She is so crazy, stubborn, snarky, fearless! And she definitely speaks her mind “Fearghus didn’t say anything. He wanted to see her reaction. She didn’t speak for several.. DNF at page 156. A dare so kindly provided by an amazing GR friend of mine: Edge of Bubble:) Luv ya sis, but one day you’ll be the death of me:D To begin with, I’m a terrible reader when it comes to romance. There was a time when I breathed with historical romance, until it was an overload and I ran for UF and thrillers for recovery. But the romance I read was nothing compared to “Dragon Actually”. I must give credit to the beginning of this book, it started good, with a fight, a kick-ass.. GA Aiken is a big name in paranormal romances, both under this cognomen and also as Shelly Laurenston. This was my first time reading her, and I had a positive experience. What I liked right away about this story was the nice flow of the narrative. I was in a big reading slump where it seemed like it was harder to read books and get sucked in, and I liked how easy it was to fall into the world of this book. Aiken has some very good humor, and not afraid to make it involve some physical.. Actual Rating 2. 5 stars It's fine. The relationship development was a bit fast for me. I don't really see where they fell in love. Friendship, sure I can see that, love, no. The romance needed a deeper unfolding. The problems, or added plots surrounding the romance were a bit absurd and underdeveloped as well and that made me lose interest in the story, even though I found the beginning interesting. I have to say that it is nice seeing a warrior woman in a paranormal romance book. It is promising.. Buddy read * more like buddy torture =p * with lovely Orient and Craig This is the book that made me fall in love with PNR. It is a light and funny read with a nice plot. Books get way more funny and a bit more complex plotwise as the series progress. I'll gloat talk more after buddies finish their reading =p 3. 5 stars, but rounded up. Review also found at:... So, reading and writing this review has given me another an opportunity to Google Jason Momoa pictures, since he reminds me of the male lead character, Fearghus (who is a SEXY dragon shifter). On one hand, this was a pretty typical fantasy romance, but it also had some high points that put it above your average, tropey love story. Annwyl is a 21 year old virgin, but she grew up with an abusive father and.. I quite liked this one. 4. 5 rounded to 5. The 0. 5 subtraction is because Fearghus' story dragged a little toward the end. And Bercelak's story might be more like 4 stars. Surprisingly, I enjoyed Annwyl and Fearghus the most out of the the dragon pairs I've read about. Even the ones that I haven't read about. I think it's because of the "novelty" of a woman falling in love with a dragon, while lusting for the man. This was an uncharacteristically sex-filled installment (given I've been reading.. Clearly I am a fool for waiting so long to start this series. The first book in the series is actually two stories in one. So here are my thoughts on each: DRAGON ACTUALLY – 5 stars Annwyl the Bloody is a warrior chick who simply does as she pleases. Though a mere human, she is a force, igniting passion and determination in her battalion as she leads them into possible death. Her greatest enemy is her own brother, Lorcan. A sadistic brother who gets off on suffering, Annwyl must do everything in.. I am soo disappointed with this book. It really is 2 short stories, or 1 almost-novel length story, and 1 short story. I read the first, and refused to read anymore, so it's on the DNF shelf. A warrior named Annwyl has spent the past 2 years trying to defeat her cruel evil brother, gaining her the nickname Annwyl the Bloody. She is almost killed in front of a dragon's lair... Fearghus the Destroyer, but he is fascinated by her, and as she heals, she falls for him. By day, a knight comes to her to.. This rating and review is based solely on the first story in the book, Dragon Actually and will be updated when I read the second story, Chains & Flames. Dragon Actually, the first book in the Dragon Kin series, is my first G. A. Aiken/Shelly Laurenston read and so I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect from this author. To be honest, I thought the first half of the story was OK. There was a lot of humor, but not much depth to the plot or characters at all and, truth be told, I don’t think.. If I were to write a review in Annwyl's words, it would be this: Oi! This book is bloody brilliant! Wow this book is a definite fave! Love Fearghus and Annwyll and their magical world of dragons and fierce battles. Not to mention the secondary characters are great too and I look forward to getting to know them better in the following books. I haven't had a good laugh in a while and this book, had me giggling like an idiot! Superb! This one surprised the hell out of me. It was pushed on me by Abby because she likes to torture me is the greatest friend ever. I would have never read this book. The cover is ridiculous and I was told it was dragon porn. Sorry, not my cuppa. But then the some of the other MacHalo ladies got in on the conversation and if you don't already know, they like their stories a little smutty sometimes. Just for the record, this is more of a shifter PNR, not at all monster porn as I was led to believe,.. 4. 5 stars I see from the other reviews that this seems to be a Love It or Hate It kind of book. I'm firmly in the Love It camp. I guess it depends on what you were expecting from the novel? I was personally hoping for nothing more than brain candy, and I certainly wasn't the least bit disappointed in that regard. I thought Dragon Actually was humorous and entertaining, and the bonus story Chains and Flames a wonderful add-on to the overall experience. 01. 02. 2017 Kate said: " One of the best dragon books. It's funny, violent, and smexy times. " And Aileene was like: Would Kate and this book turn skeptical Aileene into a dragon-book whore? Or would it leave her unimpressed again and in return incinerate Kate's dragon-smut lovin' derrière? Stay tuned. Reading commences sometime soon. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> BR with my Oz mate Ben Recommended by a good friend - Kate. BR’ed with (another good.. Ohhh eeee! Grab a glass of water and sit down with "Dragon Actually" by GA Aiken (AKA Shelly Laurenston) and you'll laugh out loud when you're not fanning yourself. This book actually contains two related stories. I'm tagging this as erotica because of the frank descriptions and plethora of sex in the book. And boy is it good! Annwyl the Bloody isn't really sure she likes her nickname. All she really wants to do is kill her brother the wacko, blood-thirsty king and get back to living without.. Dragon Actually: 5 stars I really enjoyed reading about Annwyl the Bloody and Fearghus the Destroyer. She's a slightly insane warrior chick (think a beheading hardcore Xena) who has only her fellow soldiers as sort of friends. They're all mainly terrified of her, and no love in her life. Fearghus is a cranky hermit dragon who likes no one, barely one or two of his siblings. Annwyl ends up at F's cave, he nurses her back to health & thus their friendship begins. It's lovely to see these two.. 4 stars This story sucked me in from the start, which is a credit to the author as world building is usually a complex and cumbersome process in the first books of a series such as this. Aiken did a great job of balancing the scene setting without dragging the reader down in too much detail. The central conflict of the story involves Annwyl the Bloody's rebellion against her half brother who has assumed the role of King upon their father's passing. Annwyl is a fierce warrior, so much so that she.. A buddy re-read with the MacHalo Freaks... Because life is all about the DRAGONS! " “Lorcan rubbed his head. “Am I asking too much to want the little bitch dead? Am I? ” It seemed Hefaidd-Hen learned long ago not to answer certain questions. “All I want is for her to suffer a painful, horrifying death. And for her head to be on a spike in front of my castle. That’s all I want. ” ― G. Aiken, Dragon Actually " This is a wonderful, funny, sexy and bloody book, and OoooOO JOY, it is just the.. OK.. now I'm kicking myself for not reading this series earlier! I really enjoy Shelley Laurenston aka G. Aiken's writing. This book did not disappoint. I loved the 'time' or 'era' that this story takes place in. I like that Annwyl (The Bloody) is very 'crass' and has no etiquette whatsoever. She has been raised by men, had to fight like a man to survive, and has to kill her only brother in order to restore justice to her kingdom. Fearghus (the Dragon) The Destroyer is also just as crass, and.. I saw this book in the bookstore and picked it up on a whim. I am so glad that I did. This book was hilarious! As I started reading it I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to get into it. Annwyl's personality kind of rubbed me the wrong way at first. She grew on me eventually though. I thought Fearghus was pretty adorable. He tried so hard to be cranky and antisocial but couldn't get past the urge to hang out with Annwyl. I thought it was funny when he ended up being jealous of himself. He.. DNF No Rating Just Can't. This is actually 2 novellas. Dragon Actually The better of the two. This had a more likable hero and heroine. I found the dialogue immature and irritating at times, but overall it was a decent story filled with good paced action, love and conflict. What I didn't like was how the heroine had no problem screwing the knight, when she loved the dragon. Ok even if it is they were the one in the same, she didn't know that.. so I lost respect for her. She also was too over the top bloodthirsty and.. Dragon Actually is pretty much something. I don't really know how to describe it other than: porn. Yup, lots of porn. However, there's also some other moments that are sweet, funny, and downright enjoyable. Now this is also a love story about a dragon and his mate. Annwyl is basically a breath of fresh air. She was such an amazing MC. I absolutely loved her because she was so freaking relatable. She was downright crazy, stubborn, snarky, and beyond fearless. Again, super lovable and a god damn.. This was wonderful. Dragon luuuurve is now up there with alien luuuurve as some of favorite types of luuuuurve. There was a lot wrong with this, too many characters, lots of point of view jumping and the stupid “ I’m staying away from you for your own good ” thrown in there, but you know what? It was just so bloody entertaining that I didn’t care. Annwyl the Bloody is hilariously fearsome. Fearghus is a stubborn idiot but softened up as he lost his heart to his little psycho killer. I especially.. This was my first dragon shifter book, and now I want a dragon of my own. ;).

When I saw you wearing a collar I literally ran through my house searching for the collar of my cat, I am wearing the collar rn 😂💖. Dragon king new orleans. Half-Red Dragon/Half-Fiend Sorcerer Vs. Half-Gold Dragon/Half-Celestial Paladin. HELP. at my school they call me a dog' and they say stuff like do u need a leash why u wereing a dog collar why u wereing that thingy around your neck. if they only knew.

Dragon kind. Dragon kin anvil runescape. Dragon kingdom united states. With problem #8, I LOVE running up stairs on all fours, it's so amazing aaaaa. Dragon king chinese restaurant canoga park. I am so happy i found your Channel I'm new to all of this I believe that I am a therian and my animal I believe and feel that I am a wolf but I do know that some other have more than one but I'm not sure if I have more than one. I tend to want pets around my friends i also want to howl but I don't know because I feel as if I would be judged... I use howl and play and see my tail and ears i would runs in the wood and growl and even role in the grass when I was younger I even have this stranger connection for the moon even to this day... I feel as if I should get back to Nature and see if I am truly a therian and I feel that your videos will help.

Yes i yelp when i get jumpscared. I know a response is unlikely but I have been watching tfs DND playthrough on YouTube and it is my first time seeing the game. And it looks fun as hell and I want to get into it. Now I heard of a race called dragonborn that sounds cool and I was wondering if I could have a half dragonborn half human character, you know human like apprance but dragonborn like stats.

If I hear howling on TV or something I howl so I had to cover my ears at school today

When I get jumpscared, I Yelp, then I growl. Cause why NOT. This happened today actually, my friend jump scared me and I yelped in the hallway at my school xD. See Otherkin. A person or persons who believes they are, in some sense, a dragon. This "belief" is a new fad (especially among the 14 year age group), generally used to help explain their own state of affairs. 1. This mundane world does not fit me, for I am dragon kin and dragon kin is I. 2. I am not actually a person, I am really a dragon kin. A dragonkin is someone, like myself, who believes, in one way or another, that they are a dragon, or dragonic. Usually, they were dragons in past lives, like myself (again), and they retain memories of said life. Plus, their souls are that of a dragon. But they are many more ways this could be so. Naturally, we have met with a crapload of skepticism, and even open hostility. But this is to be expected, as it is somewhat "out there" But I don't see other people as "lowly humans who need to be wiped out. " Hell, I got a great family, friends and life. Sure, there's a few people I know who need their throats slit, but doesn't everybody know a few of those paticluar shitbags? Anyway, all dragonkin realize their draconity through a process called "Awakening. " Usually, this takes awhile, but some take the express lane. Personally, it's the seneic route for me, but I'm not complaining. The express route can sometimes lead to a dizzying load of long-forgotten memories and such. Nothing if not migrane-inducing. And for the record, I am damn sick of seeing all these negative definations of dragonkin, and even otherkin in general. Few of us think/act like that. That's focusing on the idiots, and generalizing the main population of us. I don't give a damn if someone doesn't believe me if I told them I was a dragonkin. Everyone has their opinions, if they choose to ignore me, meh. Finally, not a one of us, or just about anyone I know for that matter has even thought about pulling an AK-47 on a school full of people. Being dragonkin doesn't mean you want to slaughter people. Also see: dragon, otherkin, draconity, past life, soul by Spayel. September 16, 2006 Dragonkin are connected with dragons, a PART of dragons, even were dragons in lives before. They are not insane. They are people, but not -- they are spiritually connected to these amazing beasts. They may have parts of dragons that no one else can see, may have magical powers related to dragons. Whatever they have, whatever they can do, they ARE dragonkin. They may have once been dragons, they may have once flown in the high skies. They a r e n o t i n s a n e. They are what they are. We're not crazy -- we're just dragonkin. Nice to meet ya! I'm Otherkin -- dragonkin, more specifically. A flightless member of a dragon race, clan or flight. Can use bipedal (walks/runs on two feet) or quadrupedal (walks/runs on four feet) movement. Not to be confused with Dragon-kin -- a mixed race dragon decedent usually human but also: demon, angel, orc, and centaur. No example for dragonkin would be suitable as they can have many various forms, shapes, colors, horn, scale type, and leg/arm function. by Braca January 14, 2012 Dragonkin or half dragon are descended from dragons like me for an example dragonkin and half dragons are equals due to bloodlines some have the same features of there dragonkin or half dragon ancestors whenever it’s physical mental you know stuff like that.

Half purple dragon.



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