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Evil things you can do in fallout 4. Evil things airs. Evil things full episodes. Evil things season 1 episode 8. Not your typical jumpscare and blood halo horror movie. I've seen lots of horror movies, this wasn't bad, wasn't great at the same time. But it felt real, and some moments kept me at the edge of my seat.  6.5/10 - Not too bad. P.S. whoever played Tanya was hot.

Evil things movie. Learn more More Like This Documentary 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 6. 2 / 10 X Real people share the terrifing and supernatural stories of their experience. Stars: Morgan O'Dwyer, Hannah Kelderman, Judy Malcolm | Horror Mystery 7. 8 / 10 A true horror documentary series which brings to life the stories of people who have lived through paranormal experiences that defy explanation. Gillian English, Frances Townend, Daniel Cannis Drama History 8 / 10 An American paranormal anthology previewing stories told by the victims. Victims tell their terrifing encounters with the paranormal. This show contains narrations, frightening reanactments, & religious content. Anthony D. Call, Andrew Ragan, Kelley Davis 7. 1 / 10 Chronicles true, chilling and terrifying stories of animals and their owners who are experiencing the unexplainable. Christopher Hatfield, Mark Keyes, Lauren Keyes 6. 8 / 10 They went to discover the great outdoors, but something discovered them first. "Terror in the Woods" features real stories of people who embarked on a wilderness adventure only to be scared out of the woods by unexplained phenomena. Debbie Rochon, Leah Forrest, James Faulkner 7. 4 / 10 The shocking eyewitness accounts of terrified people whose dream homes have become nightmares are brought to life in vivid, blood-curdling style. Cordelia Zawarski, Mark Laursen, Anna Ross Thriller This one-hour weekly docu-soap from the creator/executive producer of "American Chopper" follows a group of real-life paranormal researchers as they investigate haunted houses throughout... See full summary  » Jason Hawes, Steve Gonsalves, Dave Tango 7. 7 / 10 Terrifyingly encounters with paranormal activity told by the people who witnessed the events. Recreated by actors. Ryan Stacey, Liam Couvion, Julie Mainville Reality-TV 7. 2 / 10 Renowned Paranormal Investigators spend 72 hours locked down in haunted locations to try to capture groundbreaking evidence. Nick Groff, Katrina Weidman, James Lurie 4. 2 / 10 On January 9, 2009, five college students left New York City for a weekend in the country. 48 hours later, all five students have simply vanished without a trace. There were no leads and no evidence - until now. Director: Dominic Perez Laurel Casillo, Morgan Hooper, Torrey Weiss 6. 5 / 10 True stories of families who face deadly ghosts in their homes. Courtney Dykstra, Diana Abrecht, Richard Adams Amy Bruni Adam Berry visit people who believe their homes are haunted. They attempt to contact the spirits and obtain evidence of a paranormal presence. Amy Bruni, Adam Berry, Chip Coffey Edit Cast Series cast summary: Don Baldaramos... Officer Kaiman /... 2 episodes, 2017 William "Will" Daubert... Bar Victim Storyline Real people share their memories of real life unusual and evil occurrences that happened to them in their lives. Plot Summary Add Synopsis Details Release Date: 15 September 2017 (USA) See more  » Also Known As: Evil Things Company Credits Technical Specs See full technical specs  »

Evil things found. Edit Storyline It's Miriam's 21st Birthday. As a birthday gift, Miriam's aunt Gail has decided to lend Miriam her beautiful country house for an entire weekend. Aunt Gail's country house is amazing. It's a four bedroom house surrounded by breathtaking mountains and miles and miles of woods. Miriam invites her young college friends Cassy, Mark, Tanya and Leo to join her at the country house for what looks to be the most amazing weekend ever. Of course they all jump at the chance to spend a free weekend in the country, in the middle of nowhere. Miriam's friends are totally in the mood for a big time party weekend. They're also anxious to escape the dark and gloomy concrete jungle known as Manhattan. Miriam, Cassy and Tanya bring the food. Mark brings the beer and Leo, the aspiring filmmaker, brings his new video camera. Leo hopes to produce a short movie by documenting every amazing moment of this weekend getaway. Unfortunately, what Leo ends up capturing on camera is not a weekend of peace and... Written by Dominic Perez Plot Summary | Plot Synopsis Taglines: They were never seen again... until now. Details Release Date: 11 July 2011 (USA) See more  » Also Known As: Fatos Estranhos Box Office Budget: $3, 175, 000 (estimated) See more on IMDbPro  » Company Credits Technical Specs Aspect Ratio: 1. 78: 1 / (high definition) See full technical specs  » Did You Know? Trivia The film took three months to write, seven days to shoot, and one month to edit. See more » Goofs At the beginning when they are passed by the van on Storm King Mountain Road, they are traveling south towards the city, instead of north towards the Catskills. You can tell this by the Hudson River being on the left side of the road, instead of the right. See more » Frequently Asked Questions See more ».

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When you said my name (kaylie) my heart almost froze cause I thought they were talking to me 🤣🤣🤣😅😅😅. Evil things season 2. Evil things (2009. Evil things i did as a kid. Critics Consensus No consensus yet. Tomatometer Not Yet Available TOMATOMETER Total Count: N/A 18% Audience Score User Ratings: 230 Evil Things Ratings & Reviews Explanation Evil Things Photos Movie Info Five college students leave New York City to celebrate a birthday in the country, but find the party cut short when they encounter an unimaginable evil. Miriam (Elyssa Mersdorf) is turning 21. With the keys to her aunt's remote vacation home secured, she invites her friends Cassy (Laurel Casillo), Mark (Morgan Hooper), Tanya (Torry Weiss) and Leo (Ryan Maslyn) out to the country to help ring in the big day. As soon as the group gets out of the city, however, a snowstorm blows in and a mysterious van keeps appearing in their rearview mirror. Eventually, Miram and her friends reach their destination, with shutterbug film student Leo documenting the journey for prosperity. The following morning the countryside is covered in snow, and the friends set out to explore some local caves. Panic starts to set in, however, when the group loses their way, night falls, and strange sounds emanate from the surrounding woods. When the cabin appears in the distance, everyone things they're home free. But the moment they come in from the cold, the real terror begins. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi Rating: R Genre: Directed By: In Theaters: Mar 13, 2009 wide On Disc/Streaming: Nov 14, 2011 Runtime: 89 minutes Studio: Inception Media Group Cast Critic Reviews for Evil Things There are no critic reviews yet for Evil Things. Keep checking Rotten Tomatoes for updates! Audience Reviews for Evil Things Evil Things Quotes Movie & TV guides.

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I didn't know Oney was still doing stuff. His DragonBall parodies are still required montly watches. Illy: Oreo? Me: Whispering: No. Noo. No. Evil things you can. #BHDARMY. F01: Episode 1 Der zweimonatige Rucksackurlaub durch Europa nimmt für die Amerikanerin Lindsay eine verhängnisvolle Wende, als sie den sympathischen Alex in einer Bar kennenlernt. Kurz darauf findet sie sich in einem Krankenhaus wieder und erfährt, dass sie am linken Auge notoperiert wurde. Zurück in Amerika wird Lindsay von grausamen Mordvisionen heimgesucht. Spielt ihr das neue Auge nur einen Streich oder steckt eine dunkle Wahrheit dahinter? Das Ehepaar Tori und James ist nach Milwaukee gezogen. Auf dem Dachboden des neuen Hauses entdeckt James... F02: Episode 2 Kara Freude über das unerwartete Weihnachtsgeschenk ihres Freundes währt nur kurz, da das Präsent auf einem einsamen Campingausflug für den blanken Horror sorgt. Kara wird Zeugin paranormaler Erscheinungen, hört plötzlich gruseliges Weinen und verstörende Schreie im nächtlichen Wald. Schon bald hat sie eine erschreckende Theorie, wie diese seltsamen Begebenheiten mit ihrem Geschenk zusammenhängen. Das Leben von Tina und Justin erfährt eine bedrohliche Wende, als Justin die goldene Taschenuhr seines Vaters erbt. Bald plagen ihn heftige Blackouts, die sein Umfeld in... F03: Episode 3 Adriana wuchs auf einer Ranch in New Mexico auf, wo sie des Nachts immer wieder Zeugin rational nicht erklärbarer Geschehnisse wurde. Die Familie tut es als blühende Fantasie ab, aber Bruder Manuel schenkt ihr eine mysteriöse Maske, die sie vor bösen Geistern beschützen soll. Fast 30 Jahre später zieht es sie zurück auf die Ranch. Und schon die ersten Nächte bestätigen, dass Adrianas Furcht in der Kindheit mehr als berechtig war. Das Leben von Amal gerät völlig aus den Fugen,... F04: Episode 4 Kim und Ryan wollen eine Familie gründen und suchen deshalb ein Häuschen abseits des New Yorker Trubels. Schnell werden sie in einer ruhigen Kleinstadt fündig, doch Kim plagt sofort ein ungutes Gefühl. Als sie alte Spielsachen zusammenpacken, die die Vorbesitzer zurückgelassen haben, überschlagen sich die paranormalen Zwischenfälle. Tim und Michelle sind zeitlich so eingespannt, dass sie für ihre drei Kinder eine Nanny einstellen. Doch als diese einzieht, gehen seltsame Dinge vor sich: Gläser und Spiegel zerspringen ohne ersichtlichen Grund. Hat... F05: Episode 5 Nach der Trennung von ihrem Mann hat Jeanette einen Nervenzusammenbruch. Um durchzuhalten, konzentriert sie sich ganz auf ihre Tochter Kayla, bis nach sechs Jahren Ross in ihr Leben tritt. Die Beziehung mit Ross ist so perfekt, dass Jeanette, die eigentlich nie mehr heiraten wollte, seinen Antrag nach kurzer Zeit annimmt. Doch Kayla verhält sich plötzlich merkwürdig, zeichnet ein Bild von einem toten Mädchen in der Badewanne und verlangt, dass Jeanette den antiken Verlobungsring zurückgibt. Als dann Dinge geschehen, die ans... F06: Episode 6 Als Barkeeperin und Videobloggerin Molly ihren Kneipenjob verliert, muss sie schnell eine andere Geldquelle auftun, denn die 29-Jährige hat einen Berg Schulden. Sie bewirbt sich auf alle Jobs, die sie online findet, darunter auch eine Stelle als Ganztages-Pflegerin einer alten Dame, die sie prompt bekommt. Doch als Molly ihr Zimmer in Bettys düsterem, uraltem Haus bezieht, laufen ihr Schauer über den Rücken. Und als sie am nächsten Morgen frische Krallenspuren an der Innenseite ihrer Tür findet, ist sie entsetzt. Eigentlich... F07: Episode 7 Als Kinderpsychologin Jenny einen alten Schrank geschenkt bekommt und in ihrem Schlafzimmer aufstellt, denkt sie nicht daran, dadurch das Böse ins Haus gebracht zu haben. Beim Öffnen der Türen rollen ihr Briefbeschwerer, Papierclips und ein Federkiel entgegen. Die junge Frau packt die Sachen in eine Schachtel und kümmert sich nicht weiter darum. Als sie in derselben Nacht einen kleinen Jungen im Schrank sitzen sieht, glaubt sie an eine stressbedingte Einbildung, lässt das Möbelstück aber umgehend von einem Freund aus dem... F08: Episode 8 Michelle ist frisch getrennt, als sie beschließt, in ihre Heimatstadt zurückzukehren. Ein altes Burger-Lokal weckt nostalgische Erinnerungen, so dass Michelle beschließt, das Tully’s zu kaufen. Um Geld zu sparen, quartiert sich die junge Frau im Hinterzimmer ein, doch das Lokal liegt völlig einsam und abgeschieden. Als das uralte Telefon im Laden plötzlich klingelt, hört Michelle erst Störgeräusche, dann Schreie. Da die unheimlichen Anrufe öfter kommen, will sie den Anschluss kündigen - und erfährt bei der Telefongesellschaft, dass der Anschluss gar...

YouTube. Evil things meaning. Evil things tv. Evil things to know. Evil things in this world. Evil things episode 8. Evil things zeus did. By ordering or viewing, you agree to our Terms. Sold by Services LLC. | 1. Christmas Gift & Stolen Time September 15, 2017 43min TV-14 Subtitles Subtitles English [CC] Audio Languages Audio Languages English A camping trip turns terrifying for the new owner of a used camcorder. A man's estranged father's only possession becomes a violent token of their lost time. #TheSupernatural September 22, 2017 43min TV-14 Subtitles Subtitles English [CC] Audio Languages Audio Languages English A young couple moves into their eerie new home to discover that something more than just old toys have been left behind. A terrified family's life seems to literally shatter after they hire a new nanny. September 29, 2017 43min TV-14 Subtitles Subtitles English [CC] Audio Languages Audio Languages English A student inherits horrific visions after surviving a deadly tragedy; A secretive husband unleashes dangerous paranormal forces when he obsesses over the shocking footage found on the mysterious videotapes concealed in his attic. 4. The Mask & The Visitor October 6, 2017 43min TV-14 Subtitles Subtitles English [CC] Audio Languages Audio Languages English A woman's childhood good-luck charm may be connected to new paranormal terror. Horrific things happen when an uninvited party guest offers an ominous warning. 5. Agatha & The Honeymoon October 13, 2017 43min TV-14 Subtitles Subtitles English [CC] Audio Languages Audio Languages English A home full of creepy dolls becomes a house of horrors. Demonic forces disrupt a frightened couple's honeymoon. 6. The Ring & Time Capsule October 20, 2017 43min TV-14 Subtitles Subtitles English [CC] Audio Languages Audio Languages English A single mother's wedding engagement turns terrifying when her daughter starts exhibiting strange behavior. Digging up a mysterious time capsule unearths forgotten horrors from the past. 7. The Wardrobe & The Interview October 27, 2017 43min TV-14 Subtitles Subtitles English [CC] Audio Languages Audio Languages English A terrifying surprise awaits the new owners of an antique cabinet. A desperate man uncovers horrifying secrets hidden in the basement of an abandoned church. 8. Wrong Number & The Dybbuk Box December 9, 2017 43min TV-14 Subtitles Subtitles English [CC] Audio Languages Audio Languages English Terror comes calling when a woman renovates an old roadhouse diner. A podcast host intentionally brings America's most famous haunted object into his home. Season year 2017 Network Destination America Purchase rights Stream instantly Details Format Prime Video (streaming online video) Devices Available to watch on supported devices

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Evil Things Directed by Dominic Perez Produced by Dominic Perez Mario Valdez Steckler Written by Dominic Perez Starring Laurel Casillo Morgan Hooper Ryan Maslyn Elyssa Mersdorf Torrey Weiss Gail Cadden Cinematography Laurel Casillo Moran Hooper Ryan Maslyn Elyssa Mersdorf Dominic Perez Mario Valdez Steckler Torrey Weiss Edited by Dominic Perez Production company Go Show Media Distributed by Plum County Pictures Release date 2009 Running time 86 minutes Country United States Language English Evil Things is a 2009 American horror film written and directed by Dominic Perez as his feature film debut. [1] [2] Plot [ edit] Five college students leave New York City for a weekend in the country, and 48 hours later they vanished without a trace. To celebrate Miriam's (Elyssa Mersdorf) birthday, Miriam's Aunt Gail (Gail Cadden) gives her use of a large country home in the Catskills for the weekend. Miriam invites her friends Cassy (Laurel Casillo), Mark (Morgan Hooper), Tanya (Torrey Weiss) and Leo (Ryan Maslyn) to join her to celebrate. As an aspiring filmmaker, Leo brings his new video camera, hoping to create a short documentary of the weekend getaway. The five begin driving to the house. Whilst looking for a place to pull over because Tanya is carsick, the group notice they are being bothered by a dark red van whose driver incessantly honks his horn at them and overtakes them only to slow down in front of them. They pass the van and continue on. They stop at a small gas station where Cassy notices a dark red van pull in and slow down. Spooked, the gang leave. As they are driving away, a girl from inside the gas station stops them to hand over a phone Cassy left in the bathroom. The group continue to Aunt Gail's home and are again tailed by the van. They stop at a diner and while eating, the van pulls into the diner parking lot and drives slowly by the window. Furious, Mark storms outside to confront the driver but he drives away when Mark gets too close. The group eventually make it to the house and Aunt Gail comes to turn the power on and wish them a good night. The five surprise Miriam with a birthday cake and then party and drink with Leo filming the whole occasion. The next day, the group take a hike to the snowy woods which they soon get lost in the dark. They hear noises that they can't identify, crackling sounds on their two-way-radio and branches snapping which scares them all into a run. They do eventually make it back to the house without further incident. Later when eating dinner, they receive phone calls with no one answering. A knock at the door is heard and Mark finds a video tape wrapped in brown paper on the front step. The tape reveals that the group have been being secretly video taped since they were on the road, and are being stalked by the same person in the maroon van. There is footage of them at the gas station with the girl running out to give Cassy back her phone, and them at the diner when Mark attempted to confront the driver of the van, proving it is the same van who has been following them the whole time. Then the footage follows them to Aunt Gail's house and shows film taken through the windows of the group laughing and having fun, surprising Miriam with her birthday cake, and to their horror, the stalker inside the house filming them all as they slept. The phone rings again with no answer, and then the line is cut. No one can get a signal on their cell phones. The group decide to leave but when they run out to the car they see that it is missing. A van pulls up in the driveway, scaring the group back into the house. As everyone tries to get a signal on their phones again, all the power in the house goes out. Miriam finally gets a signal on her phone and dials 9-1-1, but the call drops out. Down the hall, the group hear a noise. Mark gets a knife and goes to investigate. He finds a two way radio that is on and crackling. The door suddenly shuts from the inside and Mark's cries of pain can be heard. Cassy bangs on the door and tries to open it, and then it opens just a crack which scares the group into running upstairs to hide. Upstairs, the group see the van driving away from the house so they come back downstairs to leave. Leo gives the camera to Tanya and leads the way out, but once outside he sees something that makes him scream at the others to run back inside. Once inside, Tanya falls breaking the camera and all left is the audio sound of Tanya screaming and her and Leo's fate is left unknown. On the video footage of the van outside, Miriam is shown to be running from the house. The van turns on its lights and creeps along to follow her. The van stops and the stalker gets out and chases a screaming Miriam into the woods. Back inside the house, the other stalker is looking around the house for Cassy with his nightvision on the camera. He finds Cassy hiding behind a couch and, believing she is alone, creeping out wandering blindly around the home. The stalker follows her watching how far she will get. Cassy gets to the door but, it is pulled shut from the outside, and the camera man makes the same sound the group heard in the woods alerting Cassy of his presence. She screams as he then lunges out at her, and the camera freezes on Cassy's screaming face. The view pulls back and shows to a dark room were the stalker is watching several videos on many monitors. As well as the stalkers footage, there is also the footage Leo shot implying the stalkers stole his camera. The last piece of film shows the stalker with the camera in a park, surveying groups of friends. While looking around he spots another group of friends filming. He then follows them on their trip. During the end credits the video of the stalker's movements are shown from the moment he first spotted the group on the highway, following them to the house, filming them through the windows and while they sleep. Many of the close up shots focus solely on Cassy. Background [ edit] Shot in found footage mockumentary style in the valleys surrounding New York City, the film is about a group of twenty-somethings in a relative's vacation home, captured as 'real footage' on a video camera, with the actors themselves serving as cinematographers. The film took three months to write, seven days to shoot, and one month to edit. [3] Release [ edit] The film was released to multiple film festivals beginning in early 2009, including the Long Island Film Festival, [4] the Hello Darkness Film Festival in Melbourne, Australia, [5] and the Edmonton International Film Festival. It had its British premiere on August 29, 2009 in Leicester Square as part of Channel 4 's London FrightFest Film Festival. [6] [7] There are plans for worldwide release of the film on DVD and Blu-ray Disc in 2011. Critical reception [ edit] BlogCritics made note that the film's elements were "reminiscent of Spielberg 's debut Duel as well as the likes of Jeepers Creepers, Blair Witch Project, and Paranormal Activity, and while the film's concept was not original, it "is a well executed low-budget thriller, " with the reviewer remarking that "the biggest complaint I have about it is that it feels a tad long with too little actually happening. " [1] Dread Central wrote that while it was another "found footage film", after speaking with him, they were willing to give director Dominic Perez the benefit of the doubt. They offered this quote from Perez himself: "It took me 3 months to write Evil Things, 7 days to shoot it, and 1 month to edit it, but it took me 41 years to finally believe that I could make it happen. " [3] Twitch Film wrote that the film was meandering, aiming for authenticity in its scares but missing the mark, commenting that it was the "'free-form' dialogue from each of the five victims forces the authenticity; raising and lowering the tension immediately and in the process spiralling as far from reality as possible. " However, they did note the film was well shot: "for a handheld piece the frozen vistas are quite remarkable and the winter holiday home is an excellent set piece for that unmistakable feeling of 'middle of nowhere', " but concluded that despite the location, once the actors begin their dialog, "the film loses its gravitas. " The website concluded that the film "offers an interesting end in the form of the killers' point of view, but the nifty convention is ultimately lost in the mediocrity that came before it. " [5] compared the film to both Blair Witch and Lord of the Rings "because for the better part of the movie, nothing much happens. But when the shit does hit the fan, it does so in a grand fashion that leaves you retarded on the floor and cowering in fear/excitement". They noted that while much of the film's early dialog was tedious and boring, the final 30 minutes when the reviewer felt that as a hand-held film, it finally delivered the excitement that was anticipated. They wrote that the actors did a great job of leading up to the final moments, doing "great job of carrying the film, and keeping the audience intrigued right to the final screams, " offering that "the horror of the payoff here feels personal, like it is actually happening, which is hard to accomplish in any movie". The reviewer also appreciated how the film was put together, as if edited by the killer himself after his deeds were done, with additional footage seemingly shot by the kiler himself edited into that taken by his victims. [8] Action Flick Chick wrote that the film was a "slow starter", but that the "ending does give you a little bit of a creep out factor, though. " [9] Horror review site Life After Undeath panned the movie stating that "Evil Things is every mock documentary ever made" and that they "can only recommend Evil Things for people who think The Ils Witch Activity would make a good movie, and then only if you liked the worst parts of each of those movies. " [10] References [ edit] ^ a b Beaumont, Chris (August 25, 2010). "Movie Review: Evil Things ". BlogCritics. Retrieved 6 January 2011. ^ Gabe (April 20, 2009). "The Best Description Of A Horror Movie Ever". Videogum. Retrieved 7 January 2011. ^ a b "Beware! Evil Things are Coming! ". Dread Central. Retrieved 6 January 2011. ^ Guzman, Rafer (July 10, 2009). "LI International Film Expo goes global, stays local". Newsday. Retrieved 7 January 2011. ^ a b Bellette, Kwenton (November 6, 2010). "Melbourne Hello Darkness 2010 Introduction - Evil Things Review". Twitch Film. Archived from the original on 11 January 2011. Retrieved 7 January 2011. ^ staff (July 3, 2009). "Incredible Film4 FRIGHTFEST lineup announced! ". Quiet Earth. Retrieved 7 January 2011. ^ Miller, Ross (July 6, 2009). " ' The Descent 2′ Heads '2009 Film 4 Frightfest' Line-up". Screen Rant. Retrieved 7 January 2011. ^ Murray, Dave. "review: Evil Things ". JoBlo. Retrieved 7 January 2011. ^ staff (January 5, 2010). "Independent Film: Evil Things (2009) – Is That That Van? ". Action Flick Chick. Retrieved 7 January 2011. ^ Life After Undeath. "Movie Review: Evil Things". Archived from the original on 2015-02-04. Retrieved 2012-01-22. External links [ edit] Official website Evil Things at the Internet Movie Database Evil Things at the Rotten Tomatoes Interview with Dominic Perez at 'I Like Horror Movies' Interview with Dominic Perez at.

The font for the title looks alot like the resident evil font lol. Evil things tv show wikipedia. Evil things latin. Evil things episodes. Evil Things in hindi download. Watch, Online,Openload. Watch {Evil ThIngs} Online Boxofficemojo [Watch Movie Online Free megashare. Evil things to do to people you hate. With EVIL THINGS, I wanted to tell a simple, scary story, to take a few basic elements—a house, a mysterious car, the woods, a home movie camera—and use them as the props and settings of an escalating nightmare. I spent four months writing and rewriting the script and two more auditioning literally thousands of actors to find five with the authenticity and chemistry to bring this deceptively simple story to horrifying life.  I also spent considerable time “casting” the house—scouring the Internet, scouting 60 properties in four states, until I found my “star”:  a place so isolated it would inspire dread in both the cast and crew (the “crew” on this no-frills show being co-producer Mario Valdez and me. We survived a powerful snowstorm and the violent illness of one of our cast—all on the first day of the shoot.  We shot the entire movie in one week, and then I spent the next three months editing and honing EVIL THINGS into a story that - I hope - will give you nightmares.  - Dominic Perez SYNOPSIS It’s Miriam’s 21st Birthday.  As a birthday gift, Miriam’s aunt Gail lends Miriam her beautiful country house for an entire weekend.  Aunt Gail’s country house is amazing.  It’s a four bedroom house surrounded by breathtaking mountains and miles and miles of woods.  Miriam invites her college buddies Cassy, Mark, Tanya and Leo to join her at the country house for what looks to be the most amazing weekend ever.  Of course they all jump at the chance to spend a free weekend in the country, in the middle of nowhere.  Miriam, Cassy and Tanya bring the food.  Mark brings the beer and Leo, the aspiring filmmaker, brings his new video camera.  Leo hopes to produce a short movie by documenting every amazing moment of this weekend getaway.  Unfortunately, what Leo ends up capturing on camera is not a weekend of peace and tranquility, but a nightmarish descent into pure terror. Evil Things Genre: Horror Directed By:   Dominic Perez In Theaters:   Mar 13, 2009 Wide On DVD:         Nov 14, 2011 Runtime:        1 hr. 29 min. THE STORY BEHIND THE MAKING OF EVIL THINGS By Dominic Perez FRIENDS FOREVER I remember it quite clearly.  I was approaching the age of 40, the BIG 4-0!  I was sitting with a good friend.  We were discussing life and how things were turning out for us.  You know, the usual stuff about where I want to see myself 5 or 10 years from now?  I turned to my friend and said, “I feel like my life force is being drained right out of me.  I’ve been working at investment banks for so long, and my life totally lacks creativity and adventure.  I want to do great challenging fun things before it’s too late.  I know it’s crazy, but I want to write and direct a feature-length film, a real movie.  How cool would that be? ” My friend thought seriously about what I had just said.  Then he responded firmly.  He said, “Dominic, you gotta be kidding, that’s the kind of thing that people do when they’re like 20 or 22.  If you haven’t done it by now, you’re never going to do it.  Your life is set.  Stop thinking crazy.  It’s time to get real! ”  Wow, his response hit me like a ton of bricks.  For the next few days I pondered what he had said.  After much soul-searching and rational analysis, one thing became so apparently clear.  It was time to find new friends! THE BIG ECONOMIC MELTDOWN Fast forward about one year later.  I was still working at an investment bank as a developer, staring at a computer screen working on specialized Salesforce development for hours and hours while the computer screen sucked the life out of me moment by moment.  Is this as good as it gets I wondered, as I continued to suffer in silence.  I was one year older, and I still had not made a movie.  On the upside, I actually managed to find some new friends.  Then the big economic downturn began.  Hundreds of people at the investment bank I was working at were being let go.  Then hundreds turned to thousands.  It was insane.  My entire division of some 2, 000 people was suddenly shut down.  I witnessed grown men and women crying as they gathered their belongings.  They were escorted out to the street by security guards.  Some of these people had worked faithfully for the bank for more than 20 years, and were let go in a matter of days.  It was traumatic to witness this whole thing unfold.  I guess I was lucky because I was quickly transferred to another department in the company.  I was safe, but not for long.  My supervisor in my new department quickly informed me that the bank would have to also let me go in about 3 months.  I was grateful.  I had been given a lot of time to figure out what I would do next. A FRIEND IN NEED IS A FRIEND INDEED Once again, I turned to a friend for advice.  This time it was a new friend.  His name is Mario Valdez.  I hesitantly asked, “Mario, what the hell am I gonna do now? ”  After a few moments of serious consideration, Mario stated calmly, “let’s make a movie”.   I replied, “What are you talking about? ”  He clarified by saying “you’ve been talking sh*t about making a movie for so long, and now is the time to just do it.  Write the script, we’ll find the actors and the locations, and we’ll just make the movie.  You can even turn my apartment into a production studio if you want.  Just let me know what you need me to do.  This is something I’ve wanted to do my whole life”, Mario added.  I thought about Mario’s response for a nano-second and finally replied, “um…that’s crazy…OK let’s do it! INSPIRATION So over the next 3 months I wrote and wrote and re-wrote.  The script was like a transformer robot contorting from a sci-fi thriller to a blood and guts horror to a paranormal ghost story.  Any other collaborator would have killed me during this process, but my buddy and co-producer Mario Valdez kept saying, “OK, keep writing until you find the direction that works for you. ”  I know he was scratching his head wondering what the hell is wrong with this Freak Show named Dominic Perez?  Even though the script kept transforming, I knew that my ultimate and consistent goal was to explore my deepest fears and the fears of others.  I went online reading thousands of movie reviews for horror, science fiction and supernatural films.  One theme appeared over and over again, our innate fear of the unknown or the unknowable.  More specifically, it’s the idea of having enemies who are out to get you and not knowing who they are, when they will strike or why they are after you in the first place.  This research reminded me of an event from my own life that I had safely stored away for many years in the back corners of my mind. KNOCK KNOCK WHO’S THERE? When I was a 10-year-old boy, I was sleeping over a childhood friend’s house.  His mom left us home alone for a few hours while she was out working.  So my 10-year-old friend and me stayed up late eating ice cream and watching TV.  It was great.  We had the whole house to ourselves.  While we were sitting on the couch talking and laughing about the silly movie we were watching, a knock came at the door.  We were taught never to open the door to strangers so we politely asked, “Who is it? ”  There was no answer.  We looked through the peephole, but it was broken.  Another knock came at the door.  We said louder “yes, who is it? ”  There was still no answer.  We could see under the crack of the door that someone wearing big black boots was standing on the other side of the door, but they never answered.  It was just a soft terrifying knock knock that came every 30 seconds.  After about the fifth knock knock, we were screaming at the top of our lungs, “who the f*ck is it, and what the f*ck do you want? ”  I have never been so incredibly scared in my entire life.  There was never an answer, just the intermittent and ever-so-patient knocking followed by dead silence for 10 terrifying minutes.  That was more than 30 years ago, and I’m still scared to death wondering what would have happened had we opened that door. My goal with Evil Things was to take the sheer terror inspired by that real event and re-create it for the characters in my movie.  The young characters in Evil Things dare to open that door and make contact with what is on the other side. THE AUDITION PROCESS (The good, the bad and the…what the f*ck was that? ) New York City is the most amazing place to find talent.  Everyday young talented people arrive here from all over the world hoping to break into the world of acting.  There is a vast pool of theatre-trained talent that we tapped into while auditioning for Evil Things.  During our audition process we saw the good, the bad and the…what the f*ck was that? Casting a movie in New York is like riding the subway.  Look in one direction, and you’ll see a beautiful supermodel on her way to a photo shoot for Vogue Magazine, look in another direction, and you’ll see 50 excited tourists from Tomsk, Siberia on their way to the top of the empire state building.  Look in yet another direction, and you’ll see a maniac dressed in a glittering plastic bag having a psychotic episode.  You just never know who or what is going to show up wanting to be in your movie.  You have to keep your eyes and ears open to all the possibilities.  It took us a lot of work, but in the end, we found a dream team of amazing actors who were able to improvise every line they spoke in the movie. ACTUAL PRODUCTION (Something Wicked This Way Comes) OK, so I finally finished the script, stage directions, characterizations, locations, dialogue and all.  We had our 5 main actors (my dream team) ready to go.  All the cars were rented, the locations secured, and the scenes were locked and scheduled to be shot.  Our first day was to be the hardest.  I just wanted the first day to be over and to get as many scenes out of the way as quickly as possible.  The pressure was mounting and everything had to be perfect.  We would be stopping and shooting scenes along the way as we worked our way up into the countryside.  Then we saw on the news that the worst snowstorm of the winter was fast approaching.  This storm would arrive in New York City on our very first day of shooting.  One of the many people that helped us through the pre-production process commented that the storm would either be a curse or a blessing.  F*ck you and F*ck the storm I wanted to say as I was close to blowing my top, but I kept my cool.  “Let’s just make this happen, ” I politely  said.  We picked up all the actors, and began our journey toward moviemaking history. Before we even got outside of Manhattan, one of our main actresses (Torrey Weiss) became incredibly sick in the car.  It was a severe case of motion sickness.  We had to stop everything and wait for Torrey to feel better before we could proceed.  All the actors took refuge in the Starbucks on 43rd Street and 9th Avenue in Manhattan as I sat outside wondering what to do.  This was my worst nightmare coming true.  It was freezing cold, we had about 21 major scenes to shoot that day, and the snow began to fall on my head.  I decided at that moment to allow each new obstacle to be a blessing, an opportunity to re-shape our script.  Due to so many unforeseen obstacles, the Evil Things script turned into a constantly evolving organism that would ultimately be configured by the movie-making gods up above.  In the end, I realized that many of our unplanned adjustments to the script ultimately improved the movie.   We couldn’t help but incorporate Torrey’s illness into the story along with the snow-storm and many other unplanned events like actually being lost and almost stranded in the snow-storm in the middle of nowhere.  It is truly a miracle that we got through that first day of shooting and several other obstacles (which I refuse to mention), and lived to tell about it.  In the end, it took a total of 8 freezing cold days of non-stop day and night shooting to finish Evil Things.  I couldn’t be happier with the end result. CAST & CREW & FRIENDS SCREENING: A few days ago Evil Things had its cast & crew screening on the opening night of the Visionfest Film Festival () at Tribeca Cinemas in New York City.  Evil Things was the only feature film playing that night.  There would be a red carpet with photos being snapped, talent agents and movie company executives in the audience.  All the actors from the movie would be there with family members and close friends all seeing the movie that I had worked on for the past 10 months.  I wrote the screenplay, scouted locations, directed, shot footage, edited, produced and then singlehandedly created a marketing campaign to get 230 butts into the theatre.  This was the big night to make people laugh, to make them empathize with my characters, and to make them anxious and squirm in their seats as the nightmare played out up on the big screen.  Wow, talk about pressure.  I had not planned for the turmoil brewing inside me. As I made my way to the theatre that night by myself I was close to having a Mariah Carey meltdown.  The magic words “They’re all gonna laugh at you Carrie” were ringing in my head.  I can see it now.  They’re going to tie me up in a chair after the movie and everyone is going to line up armed with various weapons each taking their turn striking me down because I’m not worthy.  The human mind can weave some wicked little webs of deception if we allow it to do so.  I was trapped wallowing in worry and self-doubt, predicting doom and gloom everywhere I looked.  I felt so alone. Then I saw the first familiar face in the distance.  She was smiling.  I could sense that she too was nervous and excited.  I could almost read her thoughts, and they were too familiar.  Will people like me?  Will I be accepted?  I greeted her and gave her a hug.  Suddenly a bit of weight was lifted off my shoulders.  I was no longer alone.  As I saw one familiar anxious smiling face after the next along with many unfamiliar faces, I felt lighter and lighter.  After a while, I would say I actually felt a sense of invincibility. It was some strange natural high that I don’t remember experiencing before.  Everything was going to be fine no matter what.  And it was. Evil Things was originally scheduled to play in only 1 of the 2 theatres in the Tribeca Cinemas complex that night, and the other theatre was supposed to stay closed and unused.  All the tickets for that first theatre totally sold out, and the festival was forced to open that second theatre so that Evil Things could play simultaneously in 2 theaters.  Soon enough, that second theatre was also completely sold out, and people were being turned away from the theatre because there were no tickets left.  There was even a line of people outside on a waiting list hoping to get in.  I couldn’t believe it.  Everything that happened that night far exceeded my expectations.  It was amazing! I stood there looking at all those people in the theatre.  I suddenly realized that I actually didn’t do any of this alone.  I couldn’t possibly have done any of it by myself.  I was inspired, helped and pushed by so many different people that I’ve lost count.  I must continue to remember that my strength is derived from my connection to other people, and it is only through that connection that WE can thrive and create and collaborate.  I want to express my deepest appreciation to every single person that ever had anything to do with the creation of OUR movie.  We could not have done it without you.  You helped me make a movie, but more importantly, you helped me to believe in myself again.  - Dominic Perez Maslyn, Elyssa Mersdorf & Gail Cadden. Produced by Dominic Perez & Mario Valdez Written, Directed & Edited by Dominic Perez Additional quotes from Writer/Director Dominic Perez “Making a movie is good therapy.  You’re so terrified that you don’t have time to think about your problems. “ "I had been planning our very tight shooting schedule for months.  Everything was perfectly planned, and then a snow storm hit the northeastern United States on our first day of shooting.  A good friend said that it would be a blessing or a curse.  I decided to allow the storm to be our blessing, and so it was. " "In the world of low-budget indie filmmaking, you should plan every detail and then let it all hang loose and just make it happen.  If your main actress becomes incredibly ill and you only have 1 day to shoot something, instantly re-write the script and make her illness part of your story.  The story Gods must want her to be sick for that particular scene.  Reality is usually the best fiction. " Additional Quotes from Producer Mario Valdez “We were in the middle of the woods at 2:00 am, it was 17 degrees below zero, I was cold and hungry and my toes were frozen.  I suddenly turned to myself and realized…wow, I love this. ” “I had no idea that the hardest work of filmmaking begins once the film is completed. ” “We auditioned so many New York area actors.  We saw the good, the bad, and the ugly, and even the what the f*ck was that? ”.

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