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When gunmen seized Freddy Heineken and his chauffeur outside the brewery's. To start with, the entire job had to have. a grand slam. When beer magnate Alfred "Freddy" Heineken is kidnapped in 1983, his abductors make the largest. Watch all you want for free. Available to download. First of all, in Holland there was much controversy around this movie. Crime-journalist Peter R. de Vries - author of the book "De Heineken Ontvoering. did not sell the rights of his non-fictive story to director Maarten Treurniet and was criticizing that the movie was too fictional. Also criminal Willem Holleeder (Rem Hubrechts in the movie) who is currently serving a nine year sentence for extortion and involvement in the murder of a Yugoslav drugs-dealer filed a law suit against Maarten Treurniet for portraying him as a "maniac" in the movie. The law suit he evidently lost.
This served great as free promotion for the movie and the cinema was packed when I entered.
I must say, I was not disappointed at all. The acting is really good - except for Heineken's wife played by Truus te Selle who was not convincing and overacted at times. The two standouts were Rutger Hauer (Heineken) and Reinout Scholten van Aschat (Rem Humbrechts / Holleeder. They both delivered stunning performances and doing so carried the movie.
Not all positive though. Some scenes could have been much better, the "terror" caused by Humbrechts to Heineken was not well done... Also it felt like it missed some scenes - the chauffeur of Heineken who was also held captive was hardly in the movie. And the way the police solved the kidnapping was not clear to me which is pretty crucial. Tracing down of the kidnappers felt a little bit rushed especially that of Jan Boelaard and Frans Meijer.
Said all that... The movie was really fun to watch, especially the acting performances and the mixture of typical "Amsterdamish" humor with some good action. I'd recommend it to anyone (above 14 y/o orso) and it continues the positive trend of dutch quality movies.
I'd give it an overall rating of 7,2.